Northeastern Ohio Chapter #12 Activities 



April 16th, 2016
Patriot's Day

 In recognition of the contributions of our patriot ancestors, the NEO Chapter Sons of the American Revolution  celebrated Patriots Day with an address provided by President George Washington, aka Dale Fellows. Wearing period attire,  Mr. Fellows provided an informative historical  first person account of the life and trials of President George Washington.  His address was followed by a question and answers.

Also the Chapter introduced and inducted two new members.  Past Ohio State SAR President Bob Parvin inducted Frank Wood of Madison, Ohio and Kent Marks of Painesville, Ohio.  Compatriot Wood’s Patriot Ancestor is Remberence Filly and Compatriot Marks’s Patriot Ancestor is Christian Straley.  Both received their official membership certificate and rosette from their sponsors.

Following the induction the 2016 Chapter Poster Contest winner, Patrick Beebe,  was introduced and presented with a Participation Certificate and a cash prize. Patrick is the son of Nick and Christian Beebe, and is a 5th Grade student in Rock Creek. This contest is open to students in 3rd, 4th or 5th grade, depending on when the American Revolution is taught in their school system. The theme of the poster is “Revolutionary War Events”.  

Left to right – Troy Bailey, Tim Ward, Kent Marks, Bob Parvin, and Frank Wood.


Left to Right – Troy Bailey, Patrick Beebe, and Jim Gilbert


 President George Washington (Dale Fellows)

2016 Chapter Members Inducted
February 13th, 2016

Left to Right: Tim Ward, Troy Bailey, Dan Matheke, Jim Pildner, Kirk Bacon, Steve Hinson, Scott Wludyga

Four New Members Inducted
On November 21st.,2015

Past OHSSAR President Tim Ward, left, inducted NEO Chapter #12 New Members:

Donald Swift, Evan Measurers, Charlie Vankirk, and Bob Kenyon

Marty Zawacky of The Friends of Ft. Laurens Foundation gave an informative and historical  talk about the history and efforts taking place to rebuilt Ft. Laurens.  Ft. Laurens was the only American Revolutionary War fort built in the State of Ohio.

November 14, 2015

Rededication of Edward Paine Monument

Painesville Ohio

Left: Members of the New Connecticut Chapter DAR and Samuel Huntington and NEO SAR

Right:  NEO and Samuel Huntington Chapter SAR Members

October 10th, 2015

Flag Certificate Presentation to DeeDee & Tim Justice

August 9th, 2015


The Northeastern Ohio Chapter of the Sons of the American Revolution marked the graves of three Revolutionary War Soldiers buried at Edgewood Cemetery in Ashtabula on Sunday, August 9th. The event was held at the invitation of the Ashtabula County Historical Society, recognizing three of the more than 120 Revolutionary War Soldiers buried in Ashtabula County. 
Markers were placed at the graves of: Amasa Castle Sr (1755-1826), Peleg Sweet Sr (1758-1825), and Noah Warner (1760-1831). 
The grave marking could be replacement of missing, deformed or broken stone, addition of a bronze lug or stake marker or simple re-recognition of existing markers.  As part of the ceremony, SAR member Scott Wludyga delivered the keynote speech. He spoke about the U.S. Treasury’s plan to remove Alexander Hamilton from the ten dollar bill. “If we can forget Alexander Hamilton- whose picture we see on a regular basis, how long until we also forget the other men who fought so hard for our freedom just like the ones we are recognizing today?,” Wludyga asked. Hamilton was the top aide to George Washington during the American Revolution and served as the first Secretary of the Treasury. There is an effort to preserve his likeness on the ten dollar bill at


Fort Laurens - Tomb of the Unknown Soldier Memorial

July 26th, 2015

July 10th, 2015

On Friday, July 10, the Northeastern Ohio Chapter SAR Color Guard, and the Western Reserve Society SAR Archibald Willard Color Guard participated in a Naturalization Ceremony hosted at President Garfield's home, "Lawnfield",  in Mentor, Ohio.   This program was sponsored by the National Park Services and the United States District Court for the Northern District of Ohio .  The program took place on the back lawn of Garfield's home  where the weather was warm and sunny with some of the SAR members lovely ladies in attendance in colonial attire.
The program started with the posting of the Colors by the Combined OHSSAR Color Guard. There were greetings from a number of dignitaries and local groups.

 Flag Presentation July 5th, 2015
1890 Historic Jefferson Depot Village
Jefferson, Ohio

Left to Right: Steve Hinson, Venie Hinson, Andre Shirk, Dianne Gilbert, Jim Pildner, Kathy Pildner, Jean Dutton, Troy Bailey, Bob Howe, Jim Gilbert, Dan Matheke and Sue Matheke

Right Photo:  Jean Dutton Curator, Troy Bailey

Memorial Day 2015 - Ashtabula City Parade


February 21st, 2015
President  George Washington's Birthday

Left: Compatriot Steve Hinson presenting Grave Registry medal to Compatriot Brad Woodworth and his three sons.

Middle: Sandy Zikursh aka Betsey Ross discussing her life and work on designing the US Flag

Right: 2015 NEO Chapter officers and guest - left to right Steve Hinson, Treasurer; Scott Wludgya, Historian; Jim Pildner, 2nd VP, Dan Matheke, Secretary, Tim Ward, Genealogist.  Seated - Betsey Ross

September 6th, 2014

Austinburg Country Days Parade

Chapter Picnic June 14th, 2014

Laleurevineyards - Parkman, Ohio


Chapter Members, Friends and Family

Left to Right:  Troy Bailey, President; Center accepting the Flag Certificate, Rich Hill; Right, Jim Pildner, Flag Certificate Chair

Sons of the American Revolution Present Award to Pymatuning Student

At the June 9th, 2014 Pymatuning Valley School Board Meeting Compatriots Jim Gilbert and Steve Hinson from the Northeastern Ohio Chapter Sons of the American Revolution (NEO Chap. 12 SAR) presented a first place chapter award and second place state (Ohio Society Sons of the American Revolution) award for elementary school poster Competition to Zara Haffa a student at the Pymatuning Valley Elementary School in Andover, OH.  Her award winning poster was on Francis Marion 1732-1795 also known as the Swamp Fox.  Miss Haffa is the daughter of Josh and Lori Haffa, and a student of Mr. Todaro at Pymatuning Elementary who was present with her parents to see her receive the awards.

Francis Marion was a military officer serving in the Continental Army during the American Revolutionary War.  Leading army and militia forces he was a persistent antagonist of the British in their occupation of South Carolina in 1780 and 1781.  He moved his forces in and out of the swamp making quick harassing hits on the British regulars.  The Swamp, loaded with gators and snakes, also provided untrackable terrain making it impossible for the British to give chase.  As a result of his unorthodox methods, he is considered one of the fathers of modern guerrilla warfare and the U.S. Army Rangers.


Arthur M. & Berdena King Eagle Scout Scholarship Award 2014

The Northeastern Ohio Chapter Eagle Scout Scholarship was awarded to Robert McKay a member of the Greater Western Reserve Council of the Boy Scouts of America and registered in Troop 4050, Scoutmaster Steve Brown, at Bazetta Christian Church in Cortland, Ohio. Robert also placed first in the Ohio SAR Eagle Scout Scholarship contest.


In addition to earning the highest rank in the Boy Scouts of America, Robert has earned 135 Merit Badges, which is the highest number possible. This makes him one of fewer than 200 in Boy Scouts of America history to earn 131 merit badges, previously the highest possible number. He has also earned 12 Eagle Scout Palms.


His patriotic themed essay is on Galvez the Great, a Spaniard who smuggled supplies to the colonists and captured Florida. His community service includes volunteering at the Salvation Army and local hospitals. Robert completed the Youth Leadership Mahoning Valley training program and volunteered to an archeological dig at Johnson's Island, a former Civil War prisoner of war camp.


He is a member of St. Robert's Church in Cortland, being active in the church's Youth Group for four years. The pinnacle of his religious actives was when he attended the National Catholic Youth Conference in Indianapolis, Indiana.


Robert is a senior at Lakeview High School in Cortland and is in the running for the school's valedictorian with a 4.0 grade average. He is a member of Lakeview's Senior Beta Club which is dedicated to service work, character, leadership, and academics.


Robert's essay:



Galvez the Great


"Victoria" is what Bernardo de Galvez may have reported to his Spanish King Charles III on September 6, 1779 (Mitchell). It was on this date that the famous General Galvez officially engaged in war with Great Britain over the American continent; Galvez was assisting the American revolutionaries in the American Revolution by conquering Fort Bute and, thereafter, Baton Rouge (Mitchell). This small, yet quick, victory opened the gates for Spain on the war against Britain. Then, after organizing a larger force in Louisiana and Havana, Galvez focused his attacks around the Gulf of Mexico in skirmishes around Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama and, even into the British-controlled Florida ("Bernardo de Galvez"). Through Florida, Galvez led a multicultural army and navy to capture two of Britain's most fortified strongholds: Pensacola and Mobile ("A Model for Its Own Demise"). By this general's guile alone, he relinquished the whole of Florida from the British rule; clearly, Galvez is an unacknowledged champion of the American Revolution ("A Model for Its Own Demise").


Galvez 's expedition into British-controlled America and Florida is one of the most exemplary acts of patriotism in the American Revolution. The famed general not only actively rendered aid and support to the American cause, but his efforts were also appurtenant of American ideals.


Throughout Galvez's post as Spanish-controlled Louisiana's general, he consistently provided desperately-needed supplies to the Americans, even before the war began ("A Model for Its Own Demise"). As a matter of fact, American colonists would have only been able to fire nine shots per troop due to gunpowder shortages, but instead were able to fire far more, thanks to Galvez's donations ("A Model for Its Own Demise"). By smuggling $70,000 worth of supplies to colonist, Spain and Galvez exponentially increased the chances of success for the Yankees ("Bernardo de Galvez").


Additionally, the General's glorious capture of Florida and several surrounding forts may have saved the Revolution entirely. Nuzzled in Florida was a British army of thousands, and Galvez  disembowel such an army, capturing two of Britain's fundamental forts (Mitchell). Without this decisive victory, Britain could have deployed its forces to wreck devastating havoc in the colonies. Furthermore, Galvez opened a new front on the war with Britain, which stretched the British forces thin as more troops had to be diverted to fight against the Spanish, specifically that of Galvez's army ("Bernardo de Galvez").

Lastly, Galvez instituted values held true to American society: equality. In his campaign against the Tories, General Galvez amounted an immense and diverse army, spanning from Spaniards, Irish, Native Americans, freed African slaves, Hispanics, and Cubans (Mitchell). This diverse army not only represents the forging of a nation for equality, but also indicates Galvez's outlook on freedom. Additionally, the general's constant support of patriotism through undying loyalty is one of true American spirit and vigor. Even before Spain declared war, Galvez, on his own actions, provided crucial supplies to the revolutionaries, and was openly enthusiastic about the colonials' freedom ("Bernardo de Galvez"). He also admonished taxation without representation.


Bernardo de Galvez, undoubtedly, is one of the most important figures of the American Revolution as, without supplies, conquest, and patriotism, the Yankees probably wouldn't have stood a chance to Britain's superior fighting force. He is the unsung hero.




A Model for Its Own Demise." The Hispanic-American Experience. Woodbridge, Ct: Primary Source Media, 1999. American Journey. Student Resources In Context. Web. 6 Nov. 2013.


"Bernardo de Galvez." National Park service U. S. Department of the Interior. National Park Service, 18 Oct 2013. Web. 8 Nov 2013.


Mitchell, Barbara. "America's Spanish Savior: Bernardo de Galvez." NQR, 28 Nov 2012. Web. 8 Nov 2013


Northeastern Ohio Chapter #12 Sons of the American Revolution ~ President’s Day February 15th 2014 

The NEO Chapter #12 Sons of the American Revolution meet at Ferrante’s Restaurant in Geneva Ohio to celebrate President’s Day. In recognition of the holiday, Jack Warren presented a program describing many fun facts and interesting tidbits about all 43 of our current and former Presidents. 


New member, above,  David Budd was introduced and inducted into the organization by Past Ohio State SAR President Tim Ward.  Compatriot Budd’s Patriot Ancestor was Joshua Budd who was a Ranger of the Frontier.

Eagle Scout Robert McKay was presented an SAR Eagle Scout award for his winning Eagle Scout Essay. In addition to the award Robert received a cash prize and will compete at the state level in May. Pictures Left to Right: Scoutmaster, Steve Brown; Troy Bailey; Jim Gilbert, Eagle Scout Essay Chair; Robert McKay; Andrea McKay, Mother; Wyatt McKay, Father, and sister Casey McKay.


Compatriot Robert Howe received the Bronze Color Guard medal and certificate for his service as the NEO Chapter #12 Color Guard Drummer.

Prior to adjournment 2014 election of officers was conducted.  Results were:  President; Troy Bailey; 1st Vice President, John McClellan; 2nd Vice President, Jim Pildner; Secretary, Dan Matheke; Treasurer, Steve Hinson; Chaplin, Vernon Palo; Historian, Scott Wludyga; Genealogist/Registrar, Tim Ward

Left to Right: Tim Ward; Scott Wludyga; Troy Bailey; Steve Hinson; Dan Matheke; Jim Pildner

New Member Inductions

Four new members were inducted by OHSSAR President George Ruch on November 9th, 2013 at Ferrante's Restaurant

Left to right: Jim Pildner; Tim Ward, New Member Scott Wlydgya (and son Liam not pictured) ~ Patriot Ancestor Silas Peck; Michael McCleery, Patriot Ancestor Casper Everly; OH State President George Ruch; New Members Bill Auten Jr., Patriot Ancestor Amos Gage; Michael Nimocks, Patriot Ancestor Frederick Nimocks

WW II Veteran John Pildner Sr. Honored at SAR Veterans Day Program

John Pildner Sr. recently  received the French Legion of Honor Medal for his service in World War II. Each year 100 of these medals are awarded to deserving veterans of World War II who participated in the liberation of France. Pildner had received the medal but had not had a presentation ceremony. This SAR meeting provided an ideal opportunity to acknowledge the award. Compatriot Pildner read a letter from the French Council General of Chicago, IL. The letter recognized John Pildner Sr. for his contribution in the liberation of France in WWII and the pride, thanks, and respect that French people have for American soldiers who participated in their liberation. In recognition of such contributions the Legion of Honor, established by Napoleon, is presented.

Honoree Pildner was asked to comment on his service in France during WWII. A member of the 290th Infantry Division he shipped over to England prior to D-Day. He landed at LeHarve, France after the D-Day invasion and shortly after his 19th birthday. His division was transported inland. He served in a mine platoon of an anti-tank unit and saw action at the Bulge, Colmar Pocket and Ardennes. Pildner received a certificate of appreciation and recognition from the SAR Chapter #12.

Pictured about are Pildner's sons: Jim; Rick; John Jr. and David along with OHSSAR State President George Ruch and Chapter President Troy Bailey.

New Member Brian Gozelanczyk Inducted
Geneva, Ohio ~ Descendant of  Patriot William Gage

Pictured left: Brian Gozelanczyk, certificate presented by SAR Member Ryan Bailey

Farnham Family Memorial Program and New Member Induction

Albion, PA August 18th, 2013

Inducted were: Bradley and Raymond Farnham - Lafayette Chapter

Austinburg Country Days Parade,  Saturday September 7th, 2013

From Left: John Opre; Steve Hinson; Jim Gilbert; Brian Johnson; Lucas Woodworth; Don Taft; Brad Woodworth; Jim Pildner; Kirk Bacon; Bob Howe.

Banner carriers: Harrison and Wade Woodworth

Art & Shirley Schneider - Flag Certificate Presentation

On Saturday September 7th, Art and Shirley Schneider, Austinburg Ohio were recognized by the NEO Chapter #12 Sons of the American Revolution  in recognition of Exemplary Patriotism in the display of the Flag of the United States of American. As a part of the presentation, the Schneider's were presented a SAR “Certificate of Commendation” and a USA Wind Sock.


Left to right – Compatriots Steve Hinson; Jim Gilbert; Ken Boyles; Jim Pildner; Brian Johnson; Shirley & Art Schneider; and Compatriot Troy Bailey.

New Member Induction ~ William Robinson

Local resident, William “Bill” Robinson was inducted as the NEO Chapter #12 Sons of the American Revolution’s newest member. During the June 15th Flag Day program, Robinson was inducted by NEO Chapter President, Troy Bailey and introduced to Chapter members by his sponsor, Compatriot Jim Pildner. Compatriot Robinson lives in Ashtabula with his wife Cindi.  Robinson is a descendant of Philip Gongawre who served as a Private in the Pennsylvania Militia and also provided Patriot Service.


Left – Compatriot Troy Bailey, Chapter President; William Robinson, Inductee; Compatriot Jim Pildner, 2nd VP


Tom and Shirley Csepegi ~ Flag Certificate Presentation

On Saturday June 15th  Tom and Shirley Csepegi, Geneva Ohio were recognized by the NEO Chapter #12 Sons of the American Revolution  in recognition of Exemplary Patriotism in the display of the Flag of the United States of American. As a part of the presentation, the Csepegi's were presented a SAR “Certificate of Commendation” and a USA Wind Sock.

 Left to right –

Compatriots Steve Frash, Ohio Society SAR State secretary; Steve Hinson, Chapter Historian; Troy Bailey, Chapter president; Terry Robinson, Chapter treasurer; tom Csepegi; Jim Gilbert, Chapter member; Shirley Csepegi; Don Taft, Chapter member; and Virginia and Ed Mannion, Chapter members.



Rico and Anna Berardinelli and Family

On Monday May 27th, Rico and Anna Berardinelli, Jefferson Ohio were recognized by the NEO Chapter #12 Sons of the American Revolution  in recognition of Exemplary Patriotism in the display of the Flag of the United States of American. As a part of the presentation, the Berardinelli were presented a SAR “Certificate of Commendation” and a USA Wind Sock. The Northeastern Ohio Chapter #12 is a member of the Sons of the American Revolution whose purposes are:  Promoting Patriotism, the institutions of American freedom,  a respect for our national symbols and the value of American citizenship.

Left  Photo:Left to right –

Compatriots Jim Pildner and Tim Ward, Anna & Rico Berardinelli, Compatriots Steve Hinson and Troy Bailey

Right Photo: Left to Right: Jim Pildner; Stephen Berardinelli (Rico and Anna’s son) (wife Tara not   pictured); Tim Ward; Marcus Geise; Linda Berardinelli-Geise; Nancy Berardinelli-Krantz Capt. JAG Corp); (Behind Anna) Eric Krantz (Lt. Col. National Guard); Anna Berardinelli; (Front of Anna) either Dominic Krantz or Marco Geise; Rico Berardinelli (Front of Rico) either Dominic Krantz or Marco Geise; Steve Hinson; Troy Bailey; Pat Paolucci (Anna’s  Father); Joe Paolucci (Anna’s Mother)

NEO Chapter #12 Color Guard In Action


Above - Color Guard Members: Bob Howe; Tim Ward; Terry Robinson; Steve Hinson; Troy Bailey; Jim Pildner; Patrick Jolly

Chagrin Falls, Blossom Time Festival - Sunday May 26th, 2013

Guardsmen: Troy Bailey; Steve Hinson; Kirk Bacon; Brian Johnson: Tim Ward; Jim Pildner: Bob Howe; Terry Robinson

Ashtabula City Parade - Monday May 27th, 2013

Guardsmen: (Left) Tim Ward; Troy Bailey; Jim Pildner; Steve Hinson; Bob Howe

Right: Tim Ward, Bob Howe and Jim Pildner


May 2nd 2013(Thursday)

NEO#12 Presentation of NSSAR Silver ROTC Medal, Youngstown State University, Youngstown, OH.

Compatriot Steve Hinson presented the NSSAR Silver ROTC Medal to Cadet Tierney McCaster at Youngstown State University ROTC Honors Breakfast. 



Geauga County Maple Festival- Saturday April 26th, 2013

Left Photo: Emma Greenwood with Step Father Brian Johnson

Right Photo: Steve Hinson; Brian Johnson; Terry Robinson: Don Taft (not pictured - Bob Howe)


New Member Induction
April 13th, 2013 At Chops Restaurant- Geneva Ohio

Left: OHSSAR President Steve Kelley conducting induction of Edwin Mannion; Center: Compatriot Edwin with son David  Right: Jr. Member Kyle Brown induction by OHSSAR President Steve Kelley

New Member Induction
February 23rd, 2013 At Ferrante's Restaurant

Left: Compatriot Bailey welcoming new member Bill Leonard

Election of 2013 Chapter Officers

Compatriot Tim Ward conducting the induction of 2013 NEO Chapter Members:

Left to Right: Compatriots Ward, Genealogist; Bailey, President; Pildner, 2nd VP; Hinson, Historian; Palo, Chaplin.
Not pictured: Compatriots: Robinson, Treasurer; Howe, Secretary; McClellen, 1VP

Austinburg Ohio, Country Days Parade
Saturday, September 8th, 2012

Front:  Banner Carriers - Harrison and Lucas Woodworth
Back Row: Troy Bailey; Brad Woodworth; Bob Howe; Kirk Bacon; John Opre; Brian Johnson

June 18th, 2012

Right: National Anthem led by Troy and Chris Bailey, observed by Ashtabula County Commissioners: Dan Claypool;  Peggy Carlo; Joe Moroski; Ohio State Representative Casey Kozlowski; Ohio State Senator Capri Cafaro and Honor Guard American Legion Post 103.  Also participating Pastor  Jim Brehler and Jefferson Village Mayor Judy Maloney

Flag Certificates

As part of 2012 Memorial Day Celebration, the NEO Chapter #12 Sons of the American Revolution recognized four local couples for their display of American Patriotism by the continued display of the United States American Flag. 

A formal recognition program was conducted for:  Don & Diane Coy; Carol and Leo Marchand; Bill and Cindi Robinson; and Denny and Caro??. The couples were presented with certificates of  commendation in recognition of exemplary patriotism in the display of the Flag of the United States of American  and an American Flag Windsock.


Left Photo:

Front row:  Compatriot Troy Bailey, Don and Diane Coy, Compatriot Jim Pildner Back row: Compatriots Bob Howe and Lt. Ryan Bailey


Compatriot Jim Pildner and Carol Rich. Denny   not pictured.


 Compatriot Troy Bailey and Leo Marchand  not pictured Carol Marchand.

May 27th, 2012
Ashtabula City Memorial Day Parade

Left to Right:  Compatriots Bob Howe; 2lt. Ryan Bailey; Jim Pildner; Troy Bailey

May 27th, 2012
Patriotic Cantata - Burton Fair Grounds


May 19th, 2012
Tent, Uniontown, PA

Marker dedication ceremony for Lt. Col. John B. McClelland and Ensign John McClelland that took place this past Saturday, May 19th, at the Tent Presbyterian Church in Uniontown, Pennsylvania. New headstones were unveiled, not only for Lt. Col. John B. McClelland (1734/1740-1782) and Ensign John McClelland (1766-1849), but also for Lt. Col. John B. McClelland’s wife Martha Dale McClelland (1740-1822), and Ensign John McClelland’s wife, Rachel Orr McClelland (1770-1843).  

The marker dedication ceremony was presented by the General Arthur Saint Clair and General Anthony Wayne Chapters of the PASSAR, and the Northeastern Ohio Chapter #12 of the OHSSAR. Lunch was sponsored by Keith D. Myers of Howard Hanna, Uniontown, Pennsylvania.

May 2nd 2013(Thursday)

NEO#12 Presentation of NSSAR Silver ROTC Medal, Youngstown State University, Youngstown, OH.

Compatriot Steve Hinson presented the NSSAR Silver ROTC Medal to Cadet Tierney McCaster at Youngstown State University ROTC Honors Breakfast. 


Chardon Maple Festival
April 29th, 2012

Front Row: Compatriots Troy Bailey; Kirk Bacon; Patrick Jolly; Lee McBride
 Back Row Compatriots Tim Ward, Bob Howe and Terry Robinson

Welcome New Member Martin Hillyer

Compatriot Martin Hillyer was officially inducted as a member of the SAR and Chapter #12 on Saturday Feb. 18th, 2012.  Compatriot Hillyer is a descent of American Revolutionary War Veteran, Gershon Halstead who served as a Private in NY.  In addition Compatriot Hillyer's sons and grandsons have also become members of the SAR: Sean Frere Hillyer; Mark Andreas Hillyer; Alexander Jude Hillyer; Tristan Henry Hart; Paul Frere Hart; and Nicholas Frere Hart.

2012 NEO Chapter #12 Officers  Inducted

2012 Chapter Officers were elected on February 18th:  Pictured above: Jim Pildner, 2nd VP; John McClellan, 1st VP; Troy Bailey, President; Tim Ward, Genealogist/Registrar;  Bill Howe, Secretary; Vernon Palo Chaplain.  Not pictured: Jim Blake, Historian and Terry Robinson, Treasurer

Local US Military man and son become members of the Sons of the American Revolution

 While home on leave in December 2011, US Army Captain Donald Barrickman and his son, Matthew were presented their Sons of the American Revolution Certificates by NEO Chapter President, Troy Bailey.  Captain Barrickman serves as a Nuclear Medical Science/Health Physicist Officer. Matthew became a Junior Member of the SAR and lives in Evans Georgia with his parents and sister. Barrickman and his son are descendants of American Revolutionary War Patriot John Cribs who served as a Private in the Pennsylvania line.

NEO Chapter #12 ~ Veteran's Day Program ~ New Member Inductions
Casa Capelli Restaurant, Ashtabula, Ohio
November 12th, 2011

Left: Compatriot Troy Bailey, Inductees ~ Don Taft descendant of  Revolutionary War Veteran Josiah Luce: Bradley Woodworth and sons Harrison, Luke and  Wade Woodworth, descendants of Revolutionary War Patriot Joseph Woodworth. Compatriot Jim Pildner on Right

Right: Compatriot Troy Bailey ~ Compatriot John McClellan with his wife Sylvia receiving a Supplemental SAR Certificates for his Patriot Ancestors Thomas Gaddis & John Hopwood and Compatriot Pildner on right.


The Geneva Grape Jamboree Festival Parade
Geneva Ohio

Sunday September 25th, 2011

Left to Right: Troy Bailey; John Opre; Brian Johnson; Emma Greenwood; Chuck Rosa; Bob Howe

Eagle Scout Project - Dedication
July 30th, 2011

S.C.O.P.E. Senior Center, 125 North Bank St., Trumbull County,
Cortland Ohio.
Andrew Baker of Howland Boy Scout Troop 101 - son of NEO Chapter Member, Tom Baker was recognized for his Eagle Scout Project
SAR Flag Certificate Presentation to S.C.O.P.E. Senior Center

Left 2: Flag Pole & Andrew Baker and Assembly
Center: Compatriots Jim Gilbert and Troy Bailey Presenting Eagle Scout Award
Right: Compatriot Bailey presenting SAR Flag  Certificate to S.C.O.P.E. Director.

Local Ashtabula Family recognized for their display of American Patriotism: 

On Monday May 30th, the William and Connie Murphy family of Ashtabula were recognized for showing their Patriotism by NEO Chapter #12 Sons of the American Revolution A SAR Flag Certificate of Commendation was presented  to the Murphy Family in recognition of Exemplary Patriotism in the display of The Flag of the United States of America.


Left:  Connie and Bill Murphy and Chapter President Troy Bailey

Right:  The Murphy Family: Back Row - Jerome Midgette; Jim Pildner; Connie Murphy; Bill Murphy; Steve Sicard; Troy Bailey; Bob Howe; Dick McFeaters; 2nd Lt. Ryan Bailey Front - Angela Sicard; Silas Sicard; Anyah Perry; Michele Midgette

Ashtabula city Memorial Day Parade
May 30th, 2011


Left: Compatriot Bob Howe: Center Compatriot Jim Pildner: Left Compatriot Troy Bailey

Right: Compatriots Troy Bailey and Jim Pildner


Civil War Veteran Grave Dedicated
May 14th, 2011 ~ Montville, Ohio

On Saturday May 14th, the NEO Chapter #12 Sons of the American Revolution and the Garfield Camp of the Sons of Union Veterans dedicated a gravestone for Civil War Veteran, Rufus N. Daniels. The dedication took place at the Montville Cemetery, Montville Ohio. Rufus Newman Daniels was born 28 Jun 1830 in Stamford, Fairfield Co., CT and died 7 Jan 1908 in Trumbull, Ashtabula Co., OH. Daniels mustered in at Camp Giddings, Jefferson, Ohio, on the first day of November 1861.  He served in the Musician Company Band, 29th Ohio Regiment, Co. I,  2nd, Reg. Ohio Volunteers. Later in Co. A,  7th Ohio Heavy Artillery  Veterans Reserve Corps., Civil War. He was discharged due to disability November 9th, 1862 at Frederick Maryland.


Photo #1: Program participant & Compatriot Bailey. Photo #2: SUV Commander and Assembly. Photo #3:  Compatriot/SAR Chaplin Vernon Palo and Gage Georgeff. Photo #4: Riffle Squad  making ready. Photo #5: Riffle Squad SAR Drummer Bob Howe. Photo #5: Fifer Compatriot Bob Howe and Bugler Shelly Meister

Maple Festival - Chardon Ohio ~ Eagle Scout Essay Presentation
May 1st, 2011


Left: SAR Color Guardsmen preparing for parade muster

Right: James T. Ward receiving Eagle Scout Essay Certificate from NEO Chapter President, Troy Bailey

Compatriot Tim Ward
Talks to Boy Scouts about the Revolutionary War


Pack 101 in Auburn, OH ~  Friday March 30, 2011


February 19th, 2011
2011 President's Day Program and Chapter Meeting
Casa Capelli Restaurant, Ashtabula, Ohio

A program on "Increase Blake" was given by Compatriot Jim Blake who portrayed his patriotic ancestor Increase Blake who served as an apprentice to his father who was also named Increase Blake, a tinsmith in the city of Boston, Colony of Massachusetts. As Increase Blake, Compatriot Blake, told the story of the Blake Family and personal accounts and recollections of colonial life and living conditions at the time prior to and through the historic events of the Revolutionary War.

Compatriot Blake's wife, Mary Ellen, not pictured,  ably assisted him during the presentation.


January 22nd, 2011
SAR and Ashtabula County Genealogical Society

Celebrate Ashtabula County's Bicentennial
Geneva Public Library

On Saturday January 22nd, 2011, Geneva Library was the site of Ashtabula County’s Bicentennial celebration. Ashtabula County was organized by an Act of the Ohio Legislature on January 22, 1811. At the time of organization, Ashtabula County was comprised seven townships: Windsor; Ashtabula; Jefferson; Kingsville; Richfield; Salem and Harpersfield. The celebration began with a memorial dedication to SAR Patriot David Hendry, our county’s first treasurer. The memorial was originally scheduled to be conducted at his gravesite in the Harper Family Cemetery on Walter Main Road, Geneva.  Due to weather conditions the ceremony was moved to the Geneva Library. The SAR Color Guard provided Color Guard opened the memorial program. The assembly recited the Pledge to Allegiance and sang the Star Spangled Banner. Our current Ashtabula County Treasurer Dawn Cragon provided comments about Patriot Hendry and his descendants prior to placing a wreath in his honor.  SAR Chaplin, Vernon Palo offered memorial prayers. Compatriot Jim Pildner offered additional comments. Compatriot Bob Howe provided a musical drum tribute.

Immediately following the memorial, the group was called to assemble in the Geneva Library meeting room by the ringing of the Ashtabula County Bicentennial Bell.  Posting of the Colors was provided by the SAR Color Guard.  Ashtabula County Commissioners, Claypool, Carlo and Moroski offered informative comments about the county history and residents, anecdotes, and a proclamation in honor of the event.  Members of the assembly were invited to offer comments and stories about their ancestors, pioneers and incidents that occurred in Ashtabula County at the time of organization.



Photo #1 Bicentennial Log - top

(left to right)

Photo #2 Dawn Cragon, Ashtabula County Treasurer: and color guard Left to Right:  Troy Bailey; time Ward; Terry Robinson; Kirk Bacon; John Opre; Jim Pildner; Bob Howe

Photo #3 Vernon Palo, SAR Chaplin; Troy Bailey; Tim Ward; Terry Robinson Kirk Bacon;  John Opre; Jim Pildner; Bob Howe

Photo #4  Ashtabula Co. Commissioners – Claypool at the podium: left Carlo and Moroski

Photo #5  Compatriot Tim Ward – Retiring the Colors

Photo #6 Ginney Seifert, Austinburg Twp.

Photo #7   Birthday Cake

Bottom: SAR Members - Front Row: Jim Pildner; Tim Ward; Vern Palo; John Opre  Back Row: Jim Gilbert; Bob Howe; Dick McFeaters; Commissioners Joe Moroski; John McClellan: Kirk Bacon; Terry  Robinson; Ray Shore; Jim Blake; Bob Chestnut; Troy Bailey



November 13th, 2010
Veteran's Day Program ~ Casa Capelli Restaurant


Left: Two new members, were inducted - far left Charles Osborn; middle Robert Howe and President Troy Bailey

Right: James T. Ward receiving his Boy Scout Essay award from Chair, Jim Gilbert

Covered Bridge Festival ~ Jefferson Ohio ~ October 9th, 2010


Members of the NEO Chapter Color Guard at the October Covered Bridge Festival

Left to Right: Ron Workman, Troy Bailey; Brian Johnson; Kirk Bacon

Austinburg Country Days ~ September 11th, 2010

Compatriot Dick McFeaters receiving his Supplemental Certificate from Chapter President, Troy Bailey

Madison Old Fashion Days
Thursday August 5th, 2010

Left to Right:  Chuck Rosa; Troy Bailey; Jim Pildner; Kirk Bacon
Not pictured - Brian Johnson

OHSSAR Color Guard ~ Tomb of the Unknown Soldier

Fort Laurens - Sunday July 24th, 2010

July 17th, 2010
Memorial Dedication - New Member Induction

The NEO Chapter #12 Sons of the American Revolution recognized the military contributions of three Revolutionary War patriots during ceremonies at Windsor Cemetery, Windsor, OH and at Cork Cemetery, Harpersfield, OH.


Recognized at Windsor Cemetery was Patriot Caleb Holcomb. Holcomb served as a private during the American Revolution in the Company of Captain Hezekiah Holcomb and settled in Ashtabula County after the war. Holcomb was recognized by the NEO Chapter #12 SAR who dedicated a Revolutionary War Marker at his gravestone. Vera Sommers, a descendant of Holcomb, was in attendance and gave remarks regarding his life and contributions to the cause of freedom for American independence.


Cork Cemetery, located in Harpersfield, OH was the site of a memorial dedication for two Revolutionary War veterans: Ora Evans and Ezra Gregory. A Revolutionary War Marker was placed at Evan's gravesite to honor the contributions Compatriot Evans made for the cause of American independence. Evans served as a Minuteman at the time of the Lexington Alarm in April 1775 along with his father, Moses Evans. Evans was a pioneer who located in Madison, Lake County, and lived on County Line Road until his death. A new gravestone, along with a Revolutionary War Marker, was dedicated in memory of Compatriot Gregory who served as a private during the Revolutionary War in Captain David Waterbury's Company and then in Captain Hezekiah Marick's Company in the New York Militia Regiment. Vera Sommers and Patty Kedzerski, descendants of Gregory gave remarks regarding his life and contributions during the American War for Independence. The Jefferson St. Joseph's Church Quintet sang God Bless America, TAPS played  by Shelly Mesiter.

Following the dedication ceremonies, four new members were inducted into the NEO Chapter #12 Sons of the American Revolution by Compatriot John Franklin, President of the Ohio Society SAR.  The new members and their Revolutionary War patriot ancestors are: Raymond Shore, a descendant of Solomon Tift; Ken Brown, a descendant of Moses Fitts; John McClellan, a descendant of John B. McClelland; and, William Lavender, a descendant of Cyrus Beckwith.  Also present at this meeting held at the South Harpersfield United Methodist Church, following a luncheon provided by their Ladies Auxiliary, were members of the Stanley-Redmond-Harper Chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution.

NEO Chapter #12 Flag Presentation


SAR Flag Certificate Presentation

May 31st 2010 at the home of Phil Pape and Lyn Sanders, Kingsville Ohio
Left to Right: Compatriots Bob Chestnut, Jim Pildner, Recipients: Lyn Sanders & Phil Pape, Compatriots Troy Bailey and Dick McFeaters.  Not pictured Brian Johnson

NEO Chapter #12 Color Guard
Ashtabula City Memorial Day Parade
May 31st, 2010


Left to Right: Compatriots Dick McFeaters; Jim Pildner; Troy Bailey; Brian Johnson

May 2010
OHSSAR and NEO Chapter
Essay Contest Winner

Left:  NEO Chapter Essay Chair, Compatriot Jim Gilbert
Right: Scott Remer - Beachwood Ohio

Ohio Society Oration Competition


Jefferson High School senior, Matthew Osborne took third place Ohio Society Sons of the  Revolution, State Joseph S. Rumbaugh Orator completion on Saturday May 1st in Chillicothe Ohio. The theme of his oration, " We Fight, Get Beat, Rise and Fight Again". Pictured above:  Matt giving his oration: Middle Matt receiving his SAR Oration Award from OHSSAR Oration Chair, John Franklin: Right Matt's Mom Kristin and NEO Oration Chair Compatriot Jim Gilbert

Geauga County Maple Festival
Sunday April 25th, 2010

Left to Right: Compatriot Troy Bailey,  Chris Baldwin, Troop 91 Cub Scout, Compatriots Brian Johnson; Kirk Bacon, Bill Eville, Terry Robinson, Tim Ward.

George Washington Birthday Program
Saturday, February 17th, 2010
Casa Capelli ~ Main Ave., Ashtabula

Guest Speaker:  Dr. John Patterson

Dr. Patterson gave an interesting and informative lecture on the life and many contributions to the United States by President George Washington



~Induction of New Members~

Left to Right: Compatriots Troy Bailey, Bryan Loucks, Bill Howe and Tim Ward


Left: Compatriot Loucks receiving his SAR Rosette by past OHSSAR President Tim Ward
Right: Compatriot Howe receiving his SAR Rosette by past OHSSAR President Tim Ward

NEO Chapter Oration Contestant  February 13th, 2010


Jefferson High School senior, Matthew Osborne was selected as the Northeastern Ohio Chapter #12 Sons of the American Revolution, Joseph S. Rumbaugh Orator. The theme of his oration, " We Fight, Get Beat, Rise and Fight Again" was given to NEO Chapter SAR members on Saturday April 10th , 2010. Mr. Osborne was awarded the Joseph S. Rumbaugh Oration Medal, and a check in the amount of $100.00 for his participation in the competition. Mr. Osborne will compete in the Ohio Sons of the American Revolution, State Oration Contest on Saturday May 1st , in Chillicothe Ohio.

Left: NEO Chapter President, Troy Bailey and Oration Contestant, Matthew Osborne &  SAR Oration Chair Jim Gilbert

Right: Kristin Osborne, Mother of Matthew Osborne, and Jim Gilbert


Veterans Day Program ~ November 7th, 2009
Casa Capelli - Main Ave., Ashtabula


Left: John A. Pildner Sr. - Veterans Day speaker
Right: John's wife Lynetta and son, Compatriot Jim Pildner

Mr. Pildner gave an interesting, informative and entertaining talk about his experiences while serving in the US Army during World War II.

Austinburg County Days Parade - September 2009


Left: Induction of new NEO Chapter Member, Claire Zurbuch  Right: Compatriot Tim Ward, Sponsor

Constitution Day Speaker ~ Ashtabula Senior Center

Aug. 22nd 2009

Lakeside Junior High Dedication ~ Ashtabula Ohio
August 15th


Compatriots Bailey, Gilbert and Johnson

Louisa Hale Brewster  Grave Dedication
DAR Real Daughter

Kelloggsville, Munroe Twp., Ashtabula County Ohio
August 9th, 2009


Left:  NEO Chapter #12 Posting Colors Center: Piper, Scott Treen playing TAPS  Right: OHSSAR President Tony Robinson conduction of Chris Carlson, center and Chapter President Troy Bailey looking on.

Flag Burning Ceremony
June 14th, 2009


The Program was conducted in coordination with the Kingsville American Legion Neil Post and the Marie Corp League.

Monday May 25th, 2009
SAR Flag Certificate Awarded to Parkhaven Home


Ashtabula City Parade May 25th, 2009
Compatriots: Bailey, Johnson, Ward, McFeaters, Robinson, and Pildner

OHSSAR Annual Conference May 2009
Avalon Inn, Warren Ohio
Left: NEO #12 SAR Members and Friends

Right: Compatriots Tim Ward and Jim Pildner accepting Patriots Medals


Maple Festival ~ Chardon Ohio May 3rd, 2009


NEO Chapter Oration Contestant  April 18th, 2009


Jefferson High School senior, Joanne Beckwith was selected as the Northeastern Ohio Chapter #12 Sons of the American Revolution, Joseph S. Rumbaugh Orator. The theme of her oration, “Give Me Liberty or Give Me Death” was given to NEO Chapter SAR members on Saturday April 18th , 2009. Ms. Beckwith was awarded the Joseph S. Rumbaugh Oration Medal, and a check in the amount of $150.00 for her participation in the competition. Her oration compared the context of this famous revolutionary quote throughout history and in today’s society. Ms. Beckwith will compete in the Ohio Sons of the American Revolution, State Oration Contest on Saturday May 2nd , in Warren, Ohio.

Left: NEO Chapter President, Troy Bailey and Oration Contestant, Joanne Beckwith

Right: Roger Beckwith, father of Joanne Beckwith, Joanne Beckwith and Troy Bailey

Aaron Roby Inducted April 13th, 2009

OHSSAR State President (Right) Welcomes new member Aaron Roby

Chapter Meeting - February 21st, 2009
George Washington's Birthday

Ashtabula Senior Center

Compatriot Bailey welcomes new member Bob Chestnut

Eagle Scout Corey Merritt is presented an SAR Eagle Scout Award by Compatriots Bailey in recognition of his participation in the Chapter SAR Eagle Scout Essay

Patriot Patrick Henry aka NEO Chapter Member Patrick Jolly, talks about his life and times during the Revolutionary War and his friendship with George Washington.


Chapter Meeting - November 11th, 2008
Chops Restaurant - Geneva, Ohio


Left Photo: Compatriot Troy presenting Supplemental Certificate to Compatriot Gregg McCollough

Right: (Left to Right) Compatriot Tim Ward with Don Waterhouse, Dan Cook and Russ Hippo receiving SAR Membership certificates, Compatriot Vern Palo received SAR Membership on behalf of his son Richard; Compatriot Bailey

Fort Laurens Revolutionary War Fort Presentation by Doug Angeloni

Doug Angeloni, Trustee with the Friends of Fort Laurens Foundation, Inc. giving and informative and interesting talk on the history and events of the only American Revolutionary War fort built in Ohio.

Ashtabula County Covered Bridge Festival Parade
October 11th, 2008

Left: Compatriots Workman, Bailey and Pildner with Ashtabula County Commissioner Joe Moroski
Right: Compatriots Workman, Bailey and Pildner

Austinburg Country Days Parade
September 6th, 2008

Left: SAR Chapter #12 Color Guard - Dick McFeaters, Ron Workman, Troy Bailey, Brian Johnson, Terry Robinson, Patrick Jolly

Right: Ashtabula County Vietnam Veterans of American Chapter # 221 and NEO Color Guard

Welcome New Member - Jim Gilbert

Left: OHSSAR President Tim Ward, left,  swearing in new member Jim Gilbert
 Chapter President Troy Bailey observing

Right: Jim Gilbert receiving SAR Membership Pin from Chapter President Troy Bailey

NEO Chapter #12 SAR and Local DAR Gravestone Dedication
Annual Picnic at Harpersfield Twp., Ashtabula County Ohio
August 23rd, 2008

Left:  Chapter President Troy Bailey -
Right: Troy Bailey and DAR Member Geraldine Piekarski, seated Joyce Williams DAR Regent

Left:  Dedication participants -  OHSSAR President, Tim Ward; Dick McFeaters; Linc Jerome; Russ Hippo; Geraldine Jerome; Ryan Bailey; Wendy Williams; Cliff Henry ; Sherman and Joyce Williams; Jim Preistov; Geraldine Piekarski; Ed  Demshar; Jim Pildner; Mrs. Pristov; Ron Workman; Troy Bailey


July 26th 2008

Fort Laurens - Tomb of the Unknown Solider Program

Left:  Troy Bailey Accepting "Oak Cluster" from OHSSAR President Tim Ward

Right: Tim Ward, Jim Pildner; Troy Bailey; Ron Workman; Gregg McCullough; Dick Fetzer
Ron Workman receiving SAR Supplement

Participants of the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier Program
Fort Laurens, Bolivar Ohio

June 28th, 2008

OHSSAR President Tim Ward with DAR Regent Joyce Williams and Geraldine
 Piekarski Dedication of Elizabeth Harper Gravestone, Harpersfield Ohio by the Harper Family Association.

Flag Day June 14th 2008

The Mary Stanley/Elizabeth Harper/Mary Redmond Chapter of the Daughters
of the American Revolution and the NEO Chapter #12 Sons of the American
Revolution met on Saturday June 14^th , 2008 at the Jefferson Historical
Society to celebrate Flag Day. DAR Regent, Joyce Williams called the
assembly to order according to DAR ritual, followed by lunch. As part of
the activities of the day, an American Flag was presented to the
Jefferson Historical Society, and accepted by President Norma Waters.
The flag was a gift of Congressional Representative Steve LaTourette. A
certificate certifying that the flag had flown over the Nation's capital
was read and presented by DAR Member Betty Morrison. NEO Chapter
President Troy Bailey presented an SAR Flag Certificate recognizing the
Historical Society for its American Patriotism by continuously flying
the American Flag. The assembly gathered outside near the flag pole and
sang the Star Spangled Banner, while the newly acquired American Flag
was raised. DAR Members Betty Morrison and Denise Curtis read Flag Day
tributes and SAR Member Ryan Bailey, read a tribute he composed.

Left: Joyce Williams, DAR Regent; Norma Walter, Jefferson Historical Society
President; Troy Bailey, SAR Chapter #12 President; SAR Chapter Members
Ryan Bailey and Linc Jerome.

Right: Ryan Bailey; Troy Bailey, Norma Waters accepting SAR Flag Certificate
and Joyce Williams

Memorial Day Parade - Ashtabula Ohio
May 26th, 2008

Left to Right:  Troy Bailey, Jim Pildner, Brian Johnson

Blossom Time Festival May 26th 2008

Mark Coming; James Ward; Tom Baker; Tim Ward; Patrick Jolly; Terry Robinson; Brian Johnson; Kevin Ward; Chip Lum; Troy Bailey

2008 OHSSAR Officers


Front Row: John Langlitz, Tony Robinson, Tim Ward, NSSAR Secretary General
David Appleby, John Franklin, Pat Kelly

Back Row: Hank Heckman, Paul Wilke, James Fast, Zack Hoon, Charles Edwards,
Richard Fetzer

~ February 23rd, 2008 ~

OHDAR Honorary State Regent - Marcia Seifert ~

Marica Seifert gave an interesting and informational talk about the life President George Washington.  NEO Chapter #12 George Washington's Birthday was celebrated at the Edgewood Dinner and attended by Chapter Members and Guests, Members of the local DAR and DAC

~ January 26th, 2008 ~

Compatriot Tim Ward Receives Meritorious Service Award

President Troy Bailey Presenting Meritorious SAR Service Award to Compatriot Tim Ward for his diligent and dedicated service to the Chapter, SAR and promoting Patriotism

As a part of the November 10th NEO Chapter Veterans Day program,  Evan Palo was officially inducted.  Compatriot Palo is the son of Vernon and Karen Palo. Compatriot Palo’s Patriot Ancestor is Nicholas Felch who served as a private in the New Hampshire line. The induction ceremony was performed by State OHSSAR Vice President Tim Ward.

Pictured: Left to right – Compatriot Vernon Palo, Evan Palo and Tim Ward.


Chops Grill and Tap House recognized for exemplary Patriotism.


On November 10th, 2007 the Northeastern Ohio Chapter #12 Sons of the American Revolution presented Chops Grill and Tap House a Certificate of Commendation in recognition of exemplary patriotism in the display of the Flag of the United States of America.  Accepting the certificate on behalf of Chops is Alecia DeRubertis, presented by Chapter President, Troy Bailey.


Gravestone Re-Dedication
Workman Cemetery, Danville Ohio
November 3rd, 2007

Robert McMillan

Left Photo: Ron Workman, Descendant of Robert McMillan and Family
Center Photo: Bag Pipe Memorial by Compatriot Jack Gordon
Left Photo: The  SAR Assembly

Flag Certificate Presentation
October 17th, 2007

The Home of Clifford and Joyce Spangler
Jefferson, Ohio

Geneva Grape Jamboree
Saturday September 29th, 2007

Left:  Compatriots Troy Bailey and Ron Workman
Right:   Compatriots Brian Johnson and Son

Good Citizenship Day - September 17th, 2007

"The Charity Weiner Wagon"

Left Photo: Chuck Koski and Jean Regner, Compatriots McFeaters and Bailey presenting certificate

Right Photo:  Jean Regner and Chuck Koski in front of their Charity Weiner Wagon

Jean and Chuck can be found in front of the Ashtabula Lowe's Thursday thru Sunday selling Hot Dogs and other snacks.  Since they started four years ago they have donated over $130,000.00 to local charities!

Anniversary of the Battle of Blue Licks in Kentucky on 8/18/07

Compatriot Tim Ward Laying Wreath on behalf of the NEO Chapter #12 SAR

August 22nd

Photo - Left to Right: Troy Bailey, Chapter President; Kathryn Warner, Principal of Jefferson Elementary School; Ed and Anne Ward, Father and Step-Mother; Kelly Ward, Mother, Christian Ward, Marlene Ward, Grandmother; Compatriots Dick McFeaters and Pildner.

August 11th - Chapter Picnic

Left Photo: NEO Chapter #12  Compatriots

Right Photo:  Newly inducted Compatriot John Palmer, standing at the grave of Ezra Griffin, Morgan Twp.

July 28th
Tomb of the Unknown Soldier
Fort Laurens - Bolivar Ohio


June 14th  Flag Day
The Tony Ricci Family ~ Huntsburg, Ohio

Left: Flag Day and Flag Certificate Program t the Home of Tony Ricci Family, Huntsburg, OH. SAR Chapter #12 Color Guard Members ~ Compatriots Robinson, Bailey, McFeaters, Ward and Pildner.

Right:    Compatriot McFeaters presenting SAR Flag Certificate to Tony Robinson and his family.

New Member Induction
Phil Adams and Family ~ Huntsburg, Ohio
June 14th, 2007

June 9th, 2007
Sandusky, Ohio

On behalf of the Chapter, Compatriot War presented a wreath and  gave remarks on Colonel Crawford and the Sandusky Campaign Crawford, OH at the OHSSAR 225th Anniversary of his death and the battles of Sandusky and Olentangy wreath laying ceremony.

May 28th, 2007
Plymouth Township, Ashtabula County Ohio
Parade, Memorial Program, SAR Member Induction

NEO Chapter #12 Color Guard lead the Plymouth Township Memorial Day Parade on Monday May 28th, 2007; Awarded a SAR Flag Certificate to Plymouth Township Trustees for their continued American Patriotism by displaying the American Flag; Served as the key speaker at the Cemetery Memorial Service conducted at the Oak Grove Cemetery; and inducted new SAR Chapter member Tom Robinson. 

Pictured above: Left to Right - Terry Robinson; Cindy Robinson; Dick McFeaters; Tom Robinson; Patrick Jolly; Troy Bailey and J.T. Ward.

May 27th, 2007
Burton, Ohio
Color Guard -  Posting Colors for the Musical Celebration

America ~ Pilgrim's Prayer Patriot's Dream

Photo on Left: Compatriots Jim Pildner, Terry Robinson, Ryan Bailey, Dick McFeaters, Norman Swift and Tim Ward

Photo on Right: Lead by Commander Bailey followed by: Compatriots Ron Ward , Dick McFeaters, Tim Ward, Terry Robinson, Patrick Jolly

May 27th, 2007
Chagrin Falls, OH - Blossom Time Festival

Front: Banner Carriers -  Kevin Ward & JT Ward
Left to Right: Ron Workman; Chip Lum; Tom Baker; Patrick Jolly
In rear, not pictured - Tim Ward

May 19th
Gravestone Dedication, New Member Inductions and Grave Markers


Photo #1: Gravestone of Ezra Griffin
Photo #2: OHSSAR President conducting Gravestone Dedication
Photo #3: Left to Right - Collette Scharf; New Members Spencer Fullerton and George Madden; Orrin Rockhold; Christian Ward ( NEO and OHSSAR Americanism Poster Contest Winner: Chapter President Troy Bailey
Photo #4: The assembly.

Marker Dedication North Cemetery - Orwell Ohio
Patriot George Smith

Left to Right: OHSSAR President - Dick Fetzer; Jim Pildner; Dick McFeaters;Orin Rockhold; Mildred Barta (descendant of Patriot George Smith); Troy Bailey;  Brian  and Ken Cook

SAR 2007 Americanism Poster Contest
Christian Ward took First Place of the Chapter Contest and First Place at the Ohio State Level.  His entry will be competing at the National Level in July '07.

Click here for PDF Copy of article.

Chardon Maple Festival Parade Saturday April 22nd

Tim Ward, Kevin Ward, Mark Coming, and Terry Robinson of NEO #12 marched with Bob Parvin, Chris Parvin, Diane Parvin, Bill Brodie, of the Samuel Huntington Chapter.

George Washington's  Birthday Observance
Saturday February 24th, 2007
Ashtabula County Court House - Jefferson, Ohio

President George Washington

Photos from Left to Right:  Compatriot Dick McFeaters giving the Invocation; Several of the assembly including members of the local DAR at the Ashtabula County Court House portion of the program: Pastor Fred Grimm, St. Paul's Lutheran Church and Marine Corps League Chaplain  giving a Washington Birthday message; Commissioner Dan Claypool presenting a proclamation in honor of Washington's Birthday; Allison Pildner providing a Musical Tribute.

January 20th, 2007 - Ashtabula Ohio

2007 NEO Chapter Officers:

Left to Right: Brian Cook - Secretary: Troy Bailey - President: Brian Johnson - Treasurer: Dick McFeaters - 1st VP/Genealogist: Jim Pildner - 2nd VP/Program:  Tim Ward - Registrar (Not pictured:  Jim Blake - Historian and Vern Palo - Chaplin)

Left: Ray Rabbett accepting a Memorial Membership for his father, Walter Francis Rabbett; and also three Supplemental Certificates for his son, David Rabbett.  Center: Ryan Bailey accepting a Supplemental Certificate, presented by Chapter President Tim Ward.  Right: Mark Coming, accepting his Membership Certificate,  Brian Cook accepting for his son Kenneth  and Terry Robinson for himself and his sons Thomas and Nathan.

November 11th - Ashtabula Ohio

Compatriot  George Chambers , right, received Supplemental  Certificate for proving descent from an additional Revolutionary War  Patriot Ancestor - Presented by NEO Chapter President Tim Ward.

August 13th - Burton Ohio

Compatriot Edward Ward, right,  receiving a Good Citizenship Medal from Chapter President, Time Ward for his many years service a Claridon Township Trustee, Claridon Congregational Church Member and Choir Member, Ruritan Membership, and many other activities.

NEO Chapter #12 Annual Chapter Picnic at the Ward's home.

Richard McFeaters, Russell Ward, Ronald Workman, Edward Ward, Patrick Jolly,
Jeffrey Fritinger, Timothy Ward, George Chambers, Thomas Baker, Mark Coming,
James Blake, Thomas Blair

Compatriot Tim  Ward's family  portrayed a 1806 family for an entire week under 1806 living conditions at the Century Village in Burton, OH in honor of the Bicentennial of Geauga County. (Sponsored by the Geauga County Historical Society)

J.T., Kevin, Sarah, Beth and Tim

Compatriot Troy Bailey - Rome Township, Ashtabula County

200th Bicentennial  August 5th, 2006

June 14th Flag Day Program

Left Photo:

Center:  NEO Chapter #12  SAR President Tim Ward presenting SAR Flag Certificate to Sheriff McCellan.  Observing the activities were compatriots from the NEO Chapter #12 SAR Compatriots: Troy Bailey; Jim Pildner, Vernon Palo and Samuel Huntington SAR Chapter Compatriots John Brindo and Robert Parvin  and Geauga Sheriff Department staff.

Right Photo:

SAR NEO Chapter #12 President Tim Ward, presented Certificate  and Law Enforcement Commendation Medal to Sheriff McCellan.

Flag Day Program conducted in conjunction with the Flag Day Luncheon sponsored by the Ashtabula County Stanley-Redmond-Harper DAR Chapter

Luncheon hosted by the Villa at the Lake

Left to Right

Joyce Williams, Regent ~ Compatriot Dick McFeaters ~ Willa Hummer, Owner accepting Flag Certificate ~ Compatriot Jim Pildner, Flag Chair

County Commissioners Robert Boggs (left) and Joe Moroski present a proclamation to Troy Bailey (center), treasurer/registrar of the Northeastern Ohio, Chapter #12 of the Sons of the American Revolution.

~ 2006 New Chapter Members ~

Welcome New Members

Left: Kevin and J.T. Ward sons of Compatriot Tim Ward

Right: Kevin, J.T. and Tim Ward

May 28th, Blossom Festival Parade - Chagrin Falls, Ohio

NEO Chapter #12  Color Guard


May 27th, 2006 Memorial/Flag Certificate Program

Ashtabula Veteran Service Clinic

Tracy Know, Clinic Coordinator

Compatriots Dick McFeaters and Troy Bailey


April 23rd, Maple Festival - Chardon Ohio

NEO Chapter #12 and Samuel Huntington Chapter

Color Guard


March 18th Chapter Meeting - Geneva Ohio

John King  First Person Portrayal of  President Abraham Lincoln

Left:  Compatriot Ward presenting white Century Club shield to Compatriot Rabbett

Right: Compatriots Rabbett and Lum receiving  Ohio Life Membership Certificates


NEO Chapter #12 and Samuel Huntington Joint Chapter Meeting

February 18th, 2006 - Rider Inn, Painesville, Ohio


Left:  Compatriot Dick Fetzer - Program Speaker on the Western Reserve.

Right: Samuel Huntington and State OHSSAR Presdient, Bob Parvin presenting Compatriot Troy Bailey with a Supplemental Application for his Patriot Ancestor  Samuel Comstock of NY.

~ Welcome New Chapter Members ~

Left: Brian Cook - Ancestor Mathias Button - Right: Ryan Bailey - Ancestor Elisha Barnes

~ 2006 Chapter Officers  ~

Left to right: Chip Lum - Secretrary; Dick McFeaters - Executive Committee; Linc Jerome Second VP; Tim Ward - President; Bob Parvin - OHSSAR President; Jim Blake - Historian; Vernon Palo - Chaplin. Not pictured: Troy Bailey - Registrar/Treasurer; Jim Pildner - First VP; Genealogist - Ron Workman; Ryan Bailey, Ed Ward, and Terry Watts - Executive Committee

~ Welcome New Chapter Members ~

Left: NEO Chapter #12 President, Tim Ward conducting induction of New Chapter Member Ron Workman.  Right:  Ron with his family

January 12th Chapter Meeting

and Wine Tasting \ Tour

Laleure Vineyards operated by Compatriot Richard Hill.

~ Welcome New Chapter Members ~

Left: NEO Chapter #12 President, Tim Ward conducting induction:

 Center Thomas Blair: Left Gage Geogreff

NEO #12 SAR Chapter Member, Dick McFeaters was presented a "Good Citizen" Certificate and medal at the October 15th Chapter meeting


~ Austinburg County Days Parade ~

September 10th, 2005

Banner:  Spencer and Brian Johnson - Guardsmen:  Chip Lum, Dick McFeaters, Troy Bailey, Tim Ward, Patrick Jolly


 ~Welcome New Chapter Members ~

Roy Ray, David Ray, Tom Moss, and Jimmy Moss holding their certificates. In back are from left to right: Tim Ward, Tom Blair, OHSSAR Pres. Bob Parvin, Russ Ward, Tom Baker, Ed Ward, Jeff Fritinger, Jim Pildner, Dick McFeaters, George Chambers, and Ron Workman. Missing from the photo were Garth Wadleigh and Vernon Palo.

Compatriot Jim Pildner receiving a Meritorious Service Medal, presented by Chapter President, Tim Ward

~ Welcome New Chapter Members ~

Ft. Laurens, Bolivar, Ohio ~July 30, 2005

Back Row: Vern Palo, Dick McFeaters, George Chambers, Tim Ward, Troy Bailey, Jim Pildner

Front Row: New Member - Robert Smith, Youth Members: Cooper Miller and Steven Miller, Compatriot Ray Rabbett accepting Supplemental Ancestor Certificates

~ Flag Day Program and Flag Certificate ~

Ashtabula County School Employees Credit Union

June 14, 2005

Left to Right

Compatriots: Gage Georgeff, Vernon Palo, Jim Pildner, Dick McFeaters ~ Credit Union Representatives: Pat Haines - CEO, Mark DeGeroge, Dave McHahon, Mike Fitch: Cody Bartone - Soloist, and Chapter President Tim Ward

~ Welcome New Chapter Member ~

George Chambers

Left Photo: Compatriot Baker and Chambers receiving SAR Member Rosette.

Right Photo: Compatriot Baker, Chambers and Chapter President Ward.

NEO Chapter #12 Color Guard

April 29th Chagrin Valley Jaycees Blossom time Festival, Chagrin Falls Ohio

"Salute the Troops"

Left to Right

Pildner; Chambers; Ward; Lum; Baker; Bailey; Jolly


JT and Kevin Ward

~ Welcome New Chapter Members ~

 David & Ray Rabbett

David Rabbett (left) Chapter President, Tim Ward, Chapter President (center)

 Ray Rabbett (right)

Robert Parvin, OHSSAR President ~ District Representative, Dick Fetzer

NEO Chapter #12

"Partners in Patriotism ~ Blue Star Salute"

 May 21, 2005

First Covenant Church

Ashtabula, Ohio

Conducted in conjunction with NEO Chapter #12 SAR and Ashtabula County American Legions

~ Proclamations ~

Top Left: The Ohio House of Representatives (Speaker Jon A. Husted and Representative L. George Distel)

Top Right: Office of the City Manager City of Ashtabula (Philip J. Varckette, Ashtabula City Manager)

Bottom Left: Ashtabula County Commissioners (President Joe Moroski, Deborah A. Newcomb & Robert J. Boggs)

Bottom Right: U. S. House of Representatives (Steven C. LaTourette)

Representatives from Local SAR and American Legion

(Left):  Chapter Chaplin Vernon Palo ~ (Center/Left American Legion Riffle Squad (Center/Right) Shelly Meister (Right) Sharon Kovalesky - Special Music


~ Presentations ~

Troy Bailey ~ NEO Chapter #12  - Presented a Gorget, symbolizing him as Chapter Color Guard Commander and displaying the Chapter's recently award 6% Membership ribbon.


~ Welcome New Chapter Member ~

Jeff Fritinger (right) Presenting Certificate Chapter President Tim Ward

~ Welcome New Chapter Youth Member ~

Spencer Johnson (left) Presenting Certificate Chapter President Tim Ward

April 2nd

Past President's Ribbons Awarded to: Left - Jim Pildner, Right - Dick McFeaters by Chapter President Tim Ward (Center)

April 2nd Program Presenter Sandra Zikursh with Chapter President Tim Ward

~ NEO Chapter #12 2005 Officers ~

Left To Right

Tom Baker - Historian ~ Chip Lum - Secretary ~Jim Pildner - 2nd VP ~ Tim Ward - President

Dick McFeaters - 1St VP ~ Brian Johnson - Genealogist ~ Troy Bailey - Treasurer/Registrar

~Welcome New Members~

Standing:  Chip Lum and Jim Pildner - Chapter President

Seated:  Dick Metcalf


~Welcome New Members~

Left to right....

Chapter President - James Pildner; Ed Ward; Russell Ward; Richard Hill

~ SAR Memorial Marker Dedication~

Nathan Warner - Alexander Harper  Cemetery

Harpersfield Twp. Ashtabula County, OH September 18th, 2004


LEFT: Nathan Warner Descendants pictured with NEO Chapter #12 VP Tim Ward.

RIGHT: Headstone of Nathan Warner and his second wife Amy.


~ Welcome New Member ~

Stephen Adaway

Left  to Right: Bob Parvin - OHSSAR VP,  Jim Pildner,  Steve Adaway, Tim Ward

~ Flag Certificate Presentation~

Avalon Lakes and Country Club

Warren Ohio


NEO Chapter #12 Color Guard and Members Presented a Flag Certificate to the Management of the Avalon Lake and Country Club - Warren Ohio June 6th 2004

~ 2004 Memorial Day Activities ~

Jefferson Village Memorial - Jefferson, Ohio

Left to Right

Jim Pildner, Dick McFeaters, Brian Johnson, Troy Bailey

Left to Right

Jim Pildner, Dick McFeaters, Vernon Palo, Tim Ward, Troy Bailey

Grave Marker Dedication - Morgan Township

Foreman Road - Rock Creek, Ohio

Grave of California SAR Compatriot Del Rasmussen's Patriot Ancestor

Stephen Knowlton

Left to Right

Jim Pildner, Dick McFeathers, Vernon Palo, Troy Bailey, Tim Ward

~Kelloggsville Memorial Day~

Monroe Center

Left to Right:

Troy Bailey, Victor Palo-La Costa, Brian Johnson, Vernon Palo and Tim Ward

Left to Right:

Vernon Palo, Mrs. Palo and Victor Palo-La Costa

~ Welcome New Members ~

Left to Right

Jim Blake, Vernon Palo, Victor Palo-LaCasta

Chapter President - Jim Pildner

Jim Blake's Family

Left to Right

Jim, Mary Ellen

 Son-in-Law Ron Bede and daughter Ruth Bede

Pioneer Cemetery Dedication Program

Jonathan Parker -  Solomon Griswold - Giles Loomis -  Stephen Winslow

Honored October 12, 2003

The Event - Shots of The Activities

God Bless America

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