Index to Revolutionary War Veterans Buried in the State of Ohio

~ Radabach - to - Rynierson ~

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Last First Initial Grave Form DOB DOD Cemetery County Township/City State
RADABACH Peter     1764 1834   (not stated)   Ohio
RADER Adam     1764 14/Apr/1847 Church Cem in Kingscreek Champaign   Ohio
RALSTON Andrew     1753 1827 Bloomfield OH Muskingum   Ohio
RALSTON Archibald     1742 1810 Seceeders Corners Trumbull Liberty Ohio
RAMEY Lawrence     1758 3/Apr/835 Decatur OH Brown   Ohio
RAMSEY Nathan         Israel Twp. Preble   Ohio
RAMSEY William         Israel Twp. Preble   Ohio
RAMSEY John     1743 6/Jan/810 Seceeders Corners Trumbull Liberty Ohio
RAMSEY/RAMSAY William     1/Jan/1756 1/Jan/1841   Belmont Morristown Ohio
RANDALL Reuben           Portage Streetsboro Ohio
RANKIN Daniel     1752 1833   Brown   Ohio
RANKIN Henry           Harrison   Ohio
RANKIN James     1747 1823 Old Graveyard Harrison Cadiz Ohio
RANKIN Thomas     1760 1832 Rankin Graveyard Harrison   Ohio
RANKINS Jonathan     1739 20/Sep/1812 Old Cem., Mahoning Ave. Trumbull Warren Ohio
RANNEY Nathaniel     1735 1800   Summit Hudson Ohio
RANSOM Joseph         Erie Co. Erie   Ohio
RANSOM Robert         Erie Co. Erie   Ohio
RATHBONE/Burn Joseph     1763 1854 Farnham Cem. Conneaut Twp. Ashtabula Conneaut Ohio
RATHBURN Sen Edward   1754 1849 Harvard Grove Cem., Lansing Ave. & E. 57th St. Cuyahoga Cleveland Ohio
RAVENSCROFT William       1854 White Eyes Twp. Coshocton   Ohio
RAWDON Ezra     1760 16/Sep/1824 Old Cem., Mahoning Ave. Trumbull Warren Ohio
RAYMOND Lemuel     1759 1829   Huron Norwalk Ohio
RAYMOND Thaddeus         Hunt's Corners, Suttons' Cem. Huron   Ohio
READ Nathaniel     1758 10/Apr/1831 Roberts Cem. Ashtabula Wayne Ohio
REAM Abraham   Grave Form 1746 6/Aug/1824 Reams Fairfield Sugar Grove Ohio
REASONER Peter     1735 ca. 1810 On Reasoner homestead Guernsey near New Concord Ohio
REAVES Asher     1758 1/July/1845 Baptist Graveyard, Jamestown Greene   Ohio
RECHER Peter     14/Aug/ 1763 3/Jun/833 Ellerton Montgomery Jefferson Ohio
REECE David           Butler   Ohio
REED George     Jan/1757 Jul/1834 Mary Eva Marshall farm Butler near Sevenmile Ohio
REED John     1758 27/Aug/1844 Hollinsburg Darke   Ohio
REED James       1812 Reed Graveyard, Springfield Rd., 2 mi. E of New Troy Pike, 2 mi. from Vandalia Mahoning   Ohio
REED James Jr.   1760 1834 Presbyterian Church Mahoning  Poland Ohio
REED James Sr.   1736 1806   Mahoning Canfield Ohio
REED Nathaniel   Grave Form     Roberts Cem Ashtabula Wayne Ohio
REED Phineas          Canfield OH Mahoning   Ohio
REED Thomas         Milton Twp. Mahoning   Ohio
REED William     1746 1831 Presbyterina Cem. Mahoning Polan Ohio
REED David Jr.   1767 1858   Meigs Pomeroy Ohio
REED Jacob Jr.       Justus Stark Sugar Creek Ohio
REED Alexander     1760 1847   Wyandot   Ohio
REEDER Jacob     Nov/1760 1860 Hamilton Co. Hamilton Cincinnati Ohio
REEDER Joseph 4th   1745 1829 Pleasant Ridge, Hamilton OH Hamilton   Ohio
REEDER Stephen     1762   Hamilton Co. Hamilton   Ohio
REEDER William     1735 ca. 1835   Hamilton   Ohio
REEDER Jacob     1742 1826   Trumbull   Ohio
REEVE Luther     1760 13/Dec/1843 Dodgeville Cem. Ashtabula ,New Lyme Ohio
REEVE Ebenezer     1751 26/Jul/1825 Old Cem. at Kinsmore (Kinsman?] Trumbull   Ohio
REEVES Nathaniel     1756     Clermont   Ohio
REEVES Joseph         Old Cem., Mahoning Ave. Trumbull  near Isaac Fithian Ohio
REICHELSDOEFER John     26/Dec/1741 30/Aug/1810 Stumpf Church Pickaway Salt Creek Ohio
REILY James     15/June/1755 1840 Sutherland Cem., now a park Butler   Ohio
REILY John     10/Apr/1763 08/Jun/1850 Greenwood Cem. Butler   Ohio
REMAY John     1754 27/Jul/1834   Muskingum   Ohio
REMINGTON Joseph         Erie Co. Erie   Ohio
RENICK John     1750 13/Jan/1814 Family graveyard, Jackson Twp. at foot of Indian mound Pickaway   Ohio
REPPART Daniel         West Grove Cem. Harrison   Ohio
REUBEN John           Trumbull   Ohio
REYNOLDS Ely       28/Nov/1827   Athens   Ohio
REYNOLDS John     16/Mar/1760 3/Mar/1840 Mentor OH, Blish Road Lake   Ohio
RHOADS Frederick       1841 Died Canton OH (not stated)   Ohio
RHODES Nicholas     1761 1830   Greene   Ohio
RIBLET Christian     1762 6/Apr/1844 Riblet Cem. Richland  W of Ontaro Ohio
RICE Jason     1757 31/Dec/1843 Carter, north of Amesville OH Athens   Ohio
RICE Michael         Greenfield Cem. Fairfield   Ohio
RICE Aaron     1749 1832 Old Harrington Cem. Trumbull NE of Greene Ohio
RICE Enoch     ca. 1756 12/Jul/1843 Greene OH Trumbull   Ohio
RICE Ephraim, Sr.       Harrington Cem., Greene OH Trumbull   Ohio
RICE Isaac     1762 5/Apr/1842 Old Cem., S.  of center of Vernon Trumbull   Ohio
RICE Nathan     1763 1841 Rainbow Cem., on Muskingum River Washington   Ohio
RICE Oliver     1752 1836 Belpre Washington   Ohio
RICE Frederick     1753 23/Jan/1848 Wooster Cem., S. of Wooster Wayne   Ohio
RICHARDS Jedediah     4/May/1759 30/Jan/1831 Western Star Summit   Ohio
RICHARDSON William     1765 ca. 1874   Auglaize   Ohio
RICHARDSON Jacob     1750 1825   Hamilton Harrison Ohio
RICHARDSON John     1756 1823   Hamilton   Ohio
RICHARDSON John         Co. graveyard near Dunn's Chapel Highland   Ohio
RICHARDSON Jesse     1758 1840   Muskingum   Ohio
RICHCREEK Philip     1761 27/Aug/1842 On his farm 2 mi. SE of Bridgeville OH Muskingum Perry Ohio
RICHEY John     8/Jul/1755     Muskingum Hopewell Ohio
RIDDLE John     4/Dec/1761 17/Jun/1847 Spring Grove Cem. Hamilton Cincinnati Ohio
RIDDLE John     1761 1847   Hamilton   Ohio
RIDDLE Samuel     1759 1825 Canfield OH Mahoning   Ohio
RIDENOUR Peter         Israel Twp. Preble   Ohio
RIDER Benjamin     1763 Mar/1854 Rider Cem., North St. Geauga Chardon Ohio
RIDGELY   Jr.     1834   Clermont   Ohio
RIDLEY John     11/Nov/1760 12/May/1867 Waynesfield, removed to Fairmont Cem.,  Auglaize Union Ohio
RIED Joab     July 26, 1762 1853 Decatur Brown   Ohio
RIGBY William     1753 1830 Mt. Zion Cem. Fairfield   Ohio
RIGGS William       1828 Died in Cuba OH Clinton   Ohio
RIGGS Bethuel     1757 1835/1832   Hamilton   Ohio
RILEY William       14/Feb/1837 Cody Cem., near Frazeysburg Muskingum   Ohio
RILEY Julius           Portage Aurora Ohio
RILEY Daniel         Stimpson Cem. Summit Copley Ohio
RILLY James     1765 18__ Presbyterian Cem. Mahoning Poland Ohio
RIPPITH William     1749 1845   Carroll   Ohio
RISLEY Samuel     1761 Apr. 3, 1838 West State St. Cem., Athens Athens   Ohio
RITCHEY Jacob     1755 1836 Ridge Church Harrison   Ohio
RITCHEY James     09/Jul/1757 11/Nov/1838 Zion M.E. Cem., 2 mi. Perry W. of Somerset Ohio
RITTER Jospeh           Geauga   Ohio
RITTER John           Mahoning   Ohio
RITTER Timothy   Grave Form     Pioneer Cem Ashtabula Windsor Ohio
ROBBINS Jason     1762 1852   Cuyahoga Solon Ohio
ROBBINS John     10/Apr/1760 1840 Family burying ground on farm Ross   Ohio
ROBERTS Edward         New Antioch Clinton   Ohio
ROBERTS John     5May/1767 18/Oct/1850 Rehobeth Cem., 3 mi. Montgomery S. of Centerville Ohio
ROBERTS John, Sr.     1749 2/Aug/1823 Braceville Trumbull   Ohio
ROBERTS William     1765 1843     Adelphia Ohio
ROBERTS William     1762 1833   Trumbull Gustavus Ohio
ROBINSON William     1743 1815 Franklin Twp. Coshocton   Ohio
ROBINSON John     1756 1842   Hamilton   Ohio
ROBINSON John Decker Grave Form 11/May1742 18/Jan/1826 Pioneer Cem. Phelps Ontario NY
ROBINSON Lewis         Baptist Cem., New Market OH Highland   Ohio
ROBINSON Thomas     1754 1852 Presbyterian Twp.@ New Market Highland   Ohio
ROBINSON Oliver         Rock Creek Cem., Fleet Rd. Seneca Eden Ohio
ROBINSON James         Woods Cem. Union Unionville Ohio
ROCKWELL Job       1834   Meigs Harrisonville Ohio
RODDY Ezekiel         Arnheim Brown   Ohio
RODGERS William           Clark Moorfield Ohio
RODGERS Josiah         Chagrin Falls Cuyahoga   Ohio
RODGERS Bixby         Burnside Graveyard Delaware Genoa Ohio
RODGERS William     8/Jun/1750 1824 Union Cem. Ross South Union Ohio
ROGERS Josiah     3/Aug/1766 8/Jul/1852   Geauga Russell Ohio
ROGERS Henry     1752 1840 Roll Cem., Cummingsville Hamilton   Ohio
ROGERS Samuel     13/Nov/1766 9/Sep/1850 Huntoon Lake Concord Ohio
ROGERS Henry           Portage Deerfield Ohio
ROGERS Richard         Randolph Portage   Ohio
ROGERS Joseph         Mound Cem. Washington Marietta Ohio
ROICE Isaac           Fulton   Ohio
ROLL Mathias           Butler Hamilton Ohio
ROLLER John, Sr.     1757 1819 Lutheran Cem., Washingtonville Mahoning   Ohio
ROLLINS Josiah         Raper Chapel Miami   Ohio
ROOD Roger     1752 21/May/1849 Jefferson Cem. Ashtabula   Ohio
ROOSA Jacob/Jacobus         Hopewell Cem. Hamilton   Ohio
ROOT Azariah     1762     Delaware   Ohio
ROSA Isaac     27/Aug/1767 27/Feb/1841 Evergreen Cem. Lake Painesville Ohio
ROSE Michael       1825 Private burial on farm 2 1/2 mi. SE of Barnesville Belmont   Ohio
ROSE John     1760 1837   Hamilton   Ohio
ROSE Lemuel     1764 13/Sep/1835 Old Cem. Licking Granville Ohio
ROSE Timothy   Grave Form 1762 27/Nov/1813 Old Cem. Licking Granville Ohio
ROSE Jesse     1760 1852 Mahoning Co. Mahoning   Ohio
ROSE Ezekiel       1813/1814 Roseville OH Muskingum   Ohio
ROSEBROOM Henry     1757     Ross Frankfort Ohio
ROSS George   Grave Form           PA
ROSS Joseph     1750 1834/1838 M. E. Cem., Madisonville Hamilton   Ohio
ROSS John     1750   Old Cem., Cadiz Harrison   Ohio
ROSS Benjamin           Mahoning   Ohio
ROSS James     1754   Mahoning Co. Mahoning   Ohio
ROSS John           Noble   Ohio
ROSS Alexander     1754 1809   Warren   Ohio
ROUCH/ROUSH Philip     18/Mar/1741 1/Mar/1820 Old Roush Cem., 1 mi. back of Cheshire Gallia   Ohio
ROUNDS Charles     1759 25/Mar/1843 Old Cem. in Pittsfield Twp. Lorain LaGrange Ohio
ROUSH Jacob     ca. 1756 1830 Roush (Lucky) Cem. 1 mi. back of Cheshire Gallia   Ohio
ROUSH George     1761 31/May/1845 Weldon Cem., Racine Meigs   Ohio
ROUSH Henry     1752 26/Oct/1831 Plants (Wolfe) Cem. Meigs Letart Falls Ohio
ROUSH Jonas         Gilmore Cem. Meigs Nease Settlement Ohio
ROWE Jesse       18/Nov/1843 Rowe Cem., Henry Cripps Farm, Anderson Pike Fayette   Ohio
ROWLAND John     1758 1855 Rankin Church Harrison Moorfield Ohio
ROWLAND Luke       9/Mar/1839 Day Cem. Huron Clarksfield Ohio
ROWLAND William       1805   Mahoning   Ohio
ROWLAND John     1745 18/Mar/1850 On farm, Clark's Run Rd., between Mt. Sterling & Five Points Pickaway   Ohio
ROWLAND Joseph     20/Oct/1760 21/Sep/1856 2 1/2 mi. SE of Kirby Wyandot Mifflin Ohio
ROWLER/ROLLER Belzar     1758 1841 Lutheran Cem. Mahoning Washingtonville Ohio
RUBLE John     1761 29/Dec/____   Highland   Ohio
RUCKER Lemuel     15/Apr/1752 1844 Rucker Mechem Cem. Monroe   Ohio
RUDE Zelah         Farm burial lot, Sec. 33 Symmes Twp. Hamilton Remington Ohio
RUDISILL John     1767 1809 Old Church, Petersburg Mahoning   Ohio
RUDISILLY Henry           Logan   Ohio
RUE Benjamin     1755 1820   Warren Lebanon Ohio
RUGG Moses     1759 21/Apr/1832 Riverside Cem., Parks Mills Franklin Blendon Ohio
RUPERT Adam     1756 1840 Forney Cem. Columbiana   Ohio
RUPERT Jacob         Forney Cem. Columbiana   Ohio
RUPERT George     1750 2/Sep/1846 Sugar Creek Baptist Cem. Fayette   Ohio
RUSE Aaron         Laurel Hill, near Lynchburg Highland   Ohio
RUSH John     1757 1832 Grave desecrated,   Mahoning Youngstown Ohio
RUSK James     1754 1839   Montgomery Clayton Ohio
RUSSELL Jacob     1746 1821 Shaker Hgts. Cem., S. Park Blvd. Near Lee Rd. Cuyahoga   Ohio
RUSSELL Gideon     Dec. 25, 1759 ca. 1837 Morton Cem. Geauga Newbury Ohio
RUSSELL Samuel     1749 25/Jan/1838 Middlefield Village Cem. Geauga   Ohio
RUSSELL William     1756 1832   Geauga Lebanon Ohio
RUSSELL James     1745 1836 Moorfield Harrison   Ohio
RUSSELL Enoch       29/Aug/1848 Keystone Cem. at top of hill Jackson   Ohio
RUSSELL James     1736 1826 Presbyterian Cem. Mahoning Poland Ohio
RUSSELL Robert         Mahoning Co. (or possibly Trumbull Co.) Mahoning   Ohio
RUSSELL William     1746     Mahoning   Ohio
RUSSELL James     1746 1821 ?   Washington Belpre Ohio
RUST Aloney     1766 1857   Trumbull Fowler Ohio
RUTAU?RUTAN John     1744 19/Sep/1833 Old Cem., Mahoning Ave. Trumbull Warren Ohio
RUTLEDGE Michael         East Center Trumbull Vernon Ohio
RYNIERSON/RYNEARSON John         Reading OH Hamilton Sycamore Ohio