Index to Revolutionary War Veterans Buried in the State of Ohio

~ MacLachlan - to - Nye ~

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Last First Initial Grave Form DOB DOD Cemetery County Township/City State
MacLACHLAN James     1743 1834   Columbiana   Ohio
MADDOCK Moses     1752 1826   Hamilton   Ohio
MAGAM William     1750 1836 Israel Twp. Preble   Ohio
MAGAW/MEGAW John     1754 1818 Ridge Church Harrison Archer Ohio
MAHOLM Samuel     1758 1838   Harrison   Ohio
MAIN Perres         Troy Twp. Delaware   Ohio
MALLOW George     17/Mar/1752 14/Apr/1837 Boot's Graveyard Greene near Xenia Ohio
MALOTT Thomas     1753 1846   Adams Fairview Ohio
MALOTT John           Brown   Ohio
MALOTT Dory           Clermont   Ohio
MALOTT William           Clermont   Ohio
MALTBY Benjamin     10/May/750 1/Jan/1847 Maltby  farm Trumbull Southington Ohio
MANCHESTER Joseph       28/Jun/1827 Allen Farm graveyard Harrison Rumley Ohio
MANKINS William     1760 21/Feb/1848   Columbiana Centre Ohio
MANN George     1728 4/May/21 New Burlington Cem. Greene   Ohio
MANN John     1746 1826   Richland Mansfield Ohio
MANNING Thomas     ca. 1761/1764 23/Dec/1853 Cem. at Amelia Clermont   Ohio
MANNING Jordan Marshall   1760 1847 Old Cem. Gallia Centerville Ohio
MANSFIELD Samuel     1740 10/Nov/1819 Private on farm  Athens near Circle Hill Ohio
MANSFIELD Thomas     14/Sep/1750 19/Jan/ 1837 Nye Cem., Chauncey Athens Dover  Ohio
MANSON David     Oct. 1733 1836 Brown Twp. Schoolhouse near Fletcher OH Miami Brown Ohio
MARKEL  T. Abram   20/Feb/1762 1841 Island Creek Church Grvyrd Jefferson   Ohio
MARKELL Peter   Grave Form 24/Mar/1765 25/May/1837 North Kirtland Cem. Lake Kirtland Ohio
MARSH John     1738     Hamilton Cincinnati Ohio
MARSHALL George         Sardinia Brown   Ohio
MARSHALL James     1745 1829 Oak Hill Cem. Mahoning   Ohio
MARSHALL Henry     1752 14/Jul/837   Miami Piqua Ohio
MARSHALL Richard       4/Nov/1841 Blue Rock Graveyard Muskingum near Gaysport Ohio
MARSHALL Samuel Sr.     1816   Scioto    Ohio
MARSHALL William           Wayne   Ohio
MARTIN Alexander     1760 1816 Pisgah Ridge Brown Ripley   Ohio
MARTIN John     1756 1827   Fairfield   Ohio
MARTIN Alex     1758/1762 1846/1843 Pleasant Ridge Cem. Hamilton Cincinnati Ohio
MARTIN Oliver     1762 1829   Hamilton   Ohio
MARTIN Henry           Harrison   Ohio
MARTIN Jacob     1742 1830   Jefferson Warrenton Ohio
MARTIN Isaac     1757 6/Nov/1832 Middle Ridge Cem. Lake Madison Ohio
MARTIN Charles Honneywood   7/Mar/1759 19/Nov/1858 Old Colony Burng Grnd, Licking Granville Ohio
MARTIN Charles     1759 19/Nov/1838 Gaffield Cem. Licking   Ohio
MARTIN John/Jacob     1744 28/May/1845 Village Cem. Licking Johnstown Ohio
MARTIN Reuben     1748   Westerfield Twp., moved to Martins Ferry Morrow   Ohio
MARTIN Robert     06/Apr/1754 03/Nov/1836 Springlawn Pickaway Deer Creek Ohio
MASON Nathan     1757 1847 Andover Ashtabula   Ohio
MASON William     1760 1830 Mason Warren   Ohio
MASSEY Ezekiel     15/Jan/1766 19/Dec/1844 Old M.E. Cem., Fairfield Lancaster Ohio
MASSIE Nathaniel     28/Dec/1763 3/Nov/1813 Old family burying ground, moved to Grandview Cem Ross Chillicothe Ohio
MASTICK Benjamin     1761 5/Jun/1830 Claridon Cem. Geauga Claridon Ohio
MATHER Abner       1/Apr/1838 Atwater Portage   Ohio
MATHER Eleazer     1775   Boston Twp. Summit   Ohio
MATHEWS John     1765 1828   Muskingum Zanesville Ohio
MATHEWS William     1754 1834 Old Cem., Kinsman Trumbull   Ohio
MATSON John     1740 1804   Hamilton   Ohio
MATSON Reuben         Probably Westfield Twp. Morrow   Ohio
MATTHEWS James         Poland Presb. Cem. Mahoning Poland Ohio
MAURER John           Mahoning   Ohio
MAURER John     12/Feb/1763 24/Feb/1833 Tarlton Cem., Tarlton Pickaway   Ohio
MAXEY Horatio     28/Apr/1764 6/Jun/1835 Old Maxey Cem. Greene  near Xenia Ohio
MAXWELL William           Greene   Ohio
MAY George     1751 1823 Old Forney Cem. Mahoning   Ohio
MAY John George        Old Forney Churchyard Mahoning   Ohio
MAY John I.       Old Forney Churchyard Mahoning   Ohio
MAY James     1742 12/May/186 Mt. Pleasant Cem. near Kingston Ross Green Ohio
MAYES William         East Center of Kinsman Trumbull   Ohio
McALLISTER Andrew     1745 1816 Mound Cem. Washington Marietta Ohio
McBRIDE Alexander     1753 1833     Adelphia OH
McBRIDE Stephen     1761 1837   Columbiana Hanoverton Ohio
McBURNEY William       1837? On Sandusky side of Cem. in Wood & Sandusky Cos. Sandusky Bradner Ohio
McCADDEN John         Cedar Hill Cem. Licking Newark Ohio
McCASKEY William           Columbiana   Ohio
McCAUGHEY William     1745 1826   Wayne Smithville Ohio
McCLEAN William     1733 1807   Adams   Ohio
McCLEAN Moses     1737 1810   Ross Chillicothe Ohio
McCLEAVE George       1824 Columbia St. Cem. Clark   Ohio
McCLELLAND William       2/Oct/1827 Greenwood Cem. Butler Hamilton Ohio
McCLELLAND James           Columbiana Centre Ohio
McCLELLAND Samuel       1829   Harrison   Ohio
McCLELLAND Cary     13/Mar/1750/1753 08/Mar/1846 Bell Church Cem. Knox South Knox Co. Ohio
McCLIMANS John     29/Apr/1756 8/Aug/1829 James McCLiman Farm Madison in Madison Co. Ohio
McCLINTOCK William     1734 1804 Cedar Grove, Perry Pickaway Clarksburg Ohio
McCLURE William     1759 1823   Perry   Ohio
McCLURKIN Mathew         Israel Twp. Preble   Ohio
McCOMB William     1757 10/Feb/ 1835 Cem. near Winchester Pike Franklin Truro Ohio
McCOMBS John         Poland Presb.Ch Cem. Mahoning Poland Ohio
McCOMBS William       1854 Poland Cem. Mahoning   Ohio
McCONNELL Thomas         Redoak Old Cem. Brown Union Ohio
McCONNELL Alexander     26/Jan/178 12/Nov/1821 Woodland Cem. Montgomery   Ohio
McCORKEL Robert     1760 1833   Lawrence   Ohio
McCORKEL Joseph     1753 25/Jul/1828 1st in lower graveyard, later to Forest Hill Miami Piqua Ohio
McCORMICK Francis     1764 1836   Columbiana Salem Ohio
McCOY Alexander         Old Cem., Ripley Brown   Ohio
McCOY George       1820 Old Ward St. Cem. Champaign Urbana Ohio
McCOY Ephraim         Trenton Twp. Cem. Delaware   Ohio
McCRACKEN William       4/Nov/1782 By little blockhouse opp. Mouth of Licking River Hamilton   Ohio
McCREA Gilbert     1758 1824   Hamilton   Ohio
McCREARY George     1752 26/Feb/1842 Chester Twp. old part Morrow   Ohio
McCULLOUGH Robert       1820   Hamilton   Ohio
McCULLOUGH William     1751 1832 Crabapple Church Harrison   Ohio
McCULLUM John         Mahoning Co. Mahoning   Ohio
McCUNE John         Linton Twp. Coshocton   Ohio
McCUNE Thomas     12/Jul/1756 12/Apr/1842 Oak Grove Graveyard, 1 mile E of Mt. Pleasant Jefferson Warren Ohio
McDANIEL Valentine     11/Jan/1760 J13/an/1846 Huntington Twp. Brown   Ohio
McDANIEL Walter         Huntington Twp. Brown   Ohio
McDANIEL Henry     Nov/1763 28/Sep/1838 On farm of W. L. Eakins Gallia Walnut Ohio
McDANIEL James     26/Dec/1755 1847 East Oak Hill OH Jackson   Ohio
McDERMOTT James     1759 25/Jun/1859 Koogle Cem. on Wooster Rd. Richland   Ohio
McDERMUT James     1758 1856   Putnam   Ohio
McDILL David         Israel Twp. Preble   Ohio
McDONALD ?     1745 26/Mar/1823 McDonald Graveyard Greene SE of Xenia Ohio
McDONALD Archibald     1759 1840   Logan   Ohio
McDONALD John     1748 1831   Warren   Ohio
McDONNELL John     1748 1825   Jefferson Steubenville Ohio
McDONOUGH Hugh     1752 1833   Harrison   Ohio
McFADDEN Conley     1753 1840   (not stated)   Ohio
McFADDEN John     1746 1835 Cadiz Old Graveyard Harrison   Ohio
McFARLAND William     1758 1836 Hooker Cem. Fairfield   Ohio
McFARLAND Daniel     1760 5/Feb/1844 McFarland Cem. Geauga Bainbridge Ohio
McFEATERS James   Grave Form Bef. 1755 Bef Jun/1828 Harmony Presby. Chruch Huntingdon Tell PA
McGARRY William     1757 1845 On farm near Wrightsville Adams Tiffin Ohio
McGILL John     1747 21/Apr/1834 Presb. Church Cem. Mahoning Poland Ohio
McGREW Andrew     1760 1823   Clermont Union Ohio
McGUIRE John     1750 1800   Jefferson Steubenville Ohio
McHATTEN Alexander     1744 23/Apr/1837 Massie's Creek Greene Miami  Ohio
McHenry Richard       27/Jun/1835 Sugar Grove Graveyard Muskingum S. of Duncan Falls Ohio
McILRATH Andrew     1759 1836 1st Presb.Churchyard. Cuyahoga Cleveland Ohio
McINTIRE Andrew     1746 1835 Mr. Leigh Cem. Adams   Ohio
McINTIRE William     1760 1798 Columbia St. Cem. Clark Springfield   Ohio
McKAY Daniel         Independence Cuyahoga   Ohio
McKELVEY William     1760 1840   Richland   Ohio
McKENNON Joseph           Columbiana Liverpool Ohio
McKENZIE John     1765 1832 Vaughen Cem. Mahoning Milton Ohio
McKENZIE Joshua     20/Mar/1764 1835 Moores' Cem. Ross Twin Ohio
McKINLEY David     1755 1840 German Lutheran Cem. Crawford near Chatfield Ohio
McKINLEY John     ca. 1754 14/Jan/1861 Cannonsburg Hancock   Ohio
McKINNIE John         Liberty Church Delaware Liberty . Ohio
McKINSEY Samuel           Mahoning Springfield Ohio
McKNIGHT John           Clermont Williamsburg Ohio
McKNIGHT William           Clermont Williamsburg Ohio
McKNIGHT Adam     ca. 1753 1848 Sunbury Delaware   Ohio
McKNIGHT David     1760 1821   Hamilton   Ohio
McKOWN James     ca. 1752 1850   Knox   Ohio
McLANE/McLEAN John         On his farm Greene Sugar Creek Ohio
McLAUGHLIN John     1756 1830 Old Part of Cem. Brown Decatur Ohio
McLAUGHLIN James     1744 ca. 1834   Columbiana Hanover Ohio
McLEAN Moses     1737 1810   Ross Chillicothe Ohio
McMAHON John           Mahoning   Ohio
McMAHON/McMECHEN William       Jun/1794 Village graveyard Mercer Fort Recovery Ohio
McMAKEN Joseph         Greenwood Cem. Butler   Ohio
McMANIS Charles     1754 1840 Cherry Fork Cem. Adams Cherry Fork Ohio
McMANNERS John     1758 1845   Lorain Sheffield Ohio
McMILLAN Robert   Grave Form 1758 7/Aug/1839 Workman Cem Knox Danville Ohio
McMILLAN John     18/Mar/1761 8/May/1850 Tallmadge OH Summitt   Ohio
McMILLEN/McMILLAN John     1761 1841 McMillen Cem. Erie Huron Ohio
McMULLEN Neil     1752 21/Ju/1824 Seceeders Corners Trumbull Liberty Ohio
McMURRAY William     1753 1839   Morgan   Ohio
McNEIL Thomas     1757 18__ Norton Cem. Summit Norton Ohio
McPHERSON John       1821/1834 Cem. Coshocton in White Eyes Ohio
McPHERSON James     10/Mar/1761 1/Apr/. 1, 1837 Cem. 3 mi. Logan N.f Bellefontaine Ohio
McQUISTON David         Israel Twp. Preble   Ohio
McROBERTS Alexander       1800   Ross Springfield Ohio
McTEER Robert     1741 1811   Fairfield   Ohio
McWILLIAMS William     1759 21/Apr/1840 Presbyterian Cem. Knox Martinsburg Ohio
MEAD Michael         Day Cem. Huron Clarksville . Ohio
MEAD Stephen       8/Feb/1844   Licking Granville Ohio
MEAD Libens         East Mecca Trumbull   Ohio
MEEK Isaac     1746 1840   Jefferson   Ohio
MEEKER Nathaniel         Butler Co. Butler Hamilton Ohio
MEEKER John     1759 1836   Hamilton   Ohio
MEGRUE Andrew     1760 1823   Clermont   Ohio
MEHAFFEY/MAHAFFEY John     31/Aug/1759   Liberty Twp. Adams   Ohio
MELVIN Reuben     12/Nov/1760 28/Aug/1837 Chesterland Center Geauga   Ohio
MELVIN Isaac     1753 1842   Washington   Ohio
MENTZER Japhat     1755 13/Sep/1841 Lutheran Cem. Licking   Ohio
MERCER John       1806   Hamilton   Ohio
MERCHANT Joseph         Boardman Mahoning   Ohio
MEREDITH John W.       Rose Hill Miami Troy Ohio
MERRIMAN Marshall     21/Jul/1759 6/Dec/1839 LaGrange Cem. Lorain   Ohio
MESSENGER Isaac     C 25/Aug/1745 8/May/1839 Concord Lake Concord Ohio
MESSENGER David     1760 1/Apr/ 1811 Old Cem., Granville Licking   Ohio
MESSINGER Billie         Windham Portage   Ohio
METCALF Thomas     1760/1764 17/Mar/1828 On farm Geauga @ center of Chardon Ohio
METCALF Massom       22/Mar/1843 Knupps Cem. Wayne near Millbrook Ohio
METZGER Jacob     2/Feb/1747 8/Aug/1835 White Churches on Adelphi Pike Ross Kinnikinnick Ohio
METZLER George     1755 1825   Holmes   Ohio
MEYER Christian           Wayne Wooster Ohio
MICKEY Daniel       1807 Old Cem. on Scioto River Rd. Franklin Dublin Ohio
MIDDLESWART Henry     5/May/1755 5/Sep/1823 Lower Newport Washington on Ohio River Ohio
MILES John       8/Jan/1834   Clermont Union Ohio
MILES Benjamin     1754 1817 Belpre Washington   Ohio
MILLER Isaac     1752 1826   Ashtabula Harpersfield Ohio
MILLER Elias           Butler Le Sourdsville Ohio
MILLER Jacob     June/1750 7/Jan/1802 Trenton Cem. Butler Trenton Ohio
MILLER Moses     1759 1814   Clark   Ohio
MILLER Henry           Coshocton Keene Ohio
MILLER Henry         Jackson Twp. Coshocton   Ohio
MILLER John Adam   1843 1831   Crawford   Ohio
MILLER Daniel         Hopewell Cem. Fairfield   Ohio
MILLER Daniel     1759 1841   Hamilton   Ohio
MILLER Edward     1756 1823   Hamilton   Ohio
MILLER Daniel         Old Springfield Cem. Mahoning Petersburg Ohio
MILLER Jacob     1750 1825 Cornsburg Mahoning Canfield Ohio
MILLER John B.   1754 1835 Old Dutch Mahoning Canfield Ohio
MILLER Michiel         Raper Chapel Miami north of Troy Ohio
MILLER Isaac           Montgomery Jefferson Ohio
MILLER Jacob         Egberts Cem. Seneca   Ohio
MILLER Benjamin     1762 1841 Canaan Bend Cem. Wayne Canaan Ohio
MILLIGAN David     1749 1833 Cadiz Old Graveyard Harrison Cadiz Ohio
MILLS Constantine     1761 Oc/1848 Austinburg? Ashtabula   Ohio
MILLS Elijah           Butler Hamilton Ohio
MILLS John       8/Jul/1796 Soldiers' Burying Grnd Darke Ft. Greenville Ohio
MINER John     1762 1849 North Royalton Cuyahoga   Ohio
MINER Justus     1762 1829 Old Settlement Cem. Geauga Chesterland Ohio
MINER Elisha     1764 1864   Licking Johnstown Ohio
MINGUS Hieronymous         Burbue Cem. Erie Berlin Hgts. Ohio
MINGUS Moses   Grave Form Nov/1759 May/1836 Union Morgan Homer Ohio
MITCHEL David           Scioto    Ohio
MITCHELL David     1737 1817   Greene Cedarville Ohio
MITCHELL Philip       1832   Hamilton   Ohio
MITCHELL Ensign     1760 1839 Family Cem. on farm of Belle Guy Madison Pike Ohio
MITCHELL Samuel     15/Mar/1759 25/Apr/1840 McKendree Chapel Miami Bethel Ohio
MITCHELL William           Miami   Ohio
MITCHELL Samuel         Woods Cem. Union Unionville Ohio
MITSCO Conrad         Marshallville Cem. Wayne   Ohio
MIX Amos     1759 1844   Muskingum   Ohio
MIX Josiah         Rootstown Portage   Ohio
MIXER Phineas Sr. Grave Form 1756     Lake Unionville Ohio
MOBERLY Reason         Moberly farm  Highland N. of Hillsboro Ohio
MOFFAT Robert         Old Cem., Cambridge  Guernsey   Ohio
MONETT Abraham     16/Mar/ 1748 1/Dec/ 1810 Whistler Cem., Prairie View, moved from Bald Knob Pickaway   Ohio
MONROE Isaac         Cole Cem. Delaware  near Hyatsville Ohio
MONTEITH Daniel     1750 1826   Mahoning Coitsville Ohio
MONTGOMERY Sarah Boone  Brooks       Decatur Cem. Brown   Ohio
MONTGOMERY Abram       21/Apr/1828   Butler Hamilton Ohio
MONTGOMERY Michael       age 101 West Montgomery Guernsey Millwood Ohio
MOODY James     1769 1831 Boardman Cem. Mahoning   Ohio
MOOR Nathan           Mahoning Canfield Ohio
MOORE William         Levanna Brown   Ohio
MOORE James L.   1756 1837   Delaware   Ohio
MOORE Benjamin     1/Mar/1756 16/Oct/1825 Jamison Cem. Franklin Blendon Ohio
MOORE Simeon     20/Mar/1760 26/Jun/1825 West Pioneer Cem. Franklin Blendon Ohio
MOORE James       1834 South Newbury Geauga   Ohio
MOORE John, 3rd     1752 9/Mar/1842 or 3 Chester Center Geauga Fullertown Ohio
MOORE Joseph     1764 1846 Avon-on-the-Lake Lorain   Ohio
MOORE Ephraim     22/Aug/1743 12/Mar/1845 Methodist Churchyard Madison Mt. Sterling Ohio
MOORE Fergus     18/Sep/1751 20/Apr/1806   Pickaway Wayne Ohio
MOORE Robert         East Farmington Cem. Trumbull Farmington Ohio
MOREY Silas       1825   Athens   Ohio
MORGAN Pelatiah         Kingstown  or Cheshire Delaware   Ohio
MORGAN Daniel     1762 1855 Hambden Center Geauga   Ohio
MORGAN Jacob     1760 1836   Hamilton   Ohio
MORGAN Thomas           Harrison   Ohio
MORGAN Thomas         Israel Twp. Preble   Ohio