Index to Revolutionary War Veterans Buried in the State of Ohio
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Last First Initial Grave Form DOB DOD Cemetery County Township State
ABBOTT Joseph     29/May/1739     Brown Franklin Ohio
ABEL John     1756 23/Dec/1836 Perry Center Lake  Perry Ohio
ACHOR John         Smithson  Clinton    Ohio
ACKERMAN John     1757 8/Sep/1841 North Fork Knox   Ohio
ADAIR James     1740 1816 Presbyterian Mahoning   Ohio
ADAMS John           Coshocton   Ohio
ADAMS Henry       1836   Cuyahoga   Ohio
ADAMS Samuel           Cuyahoga   Ohio
ADAMS George     26/Oct/1767 28/Nov/1832 Martin Darke   Ohio
ADAMS Abraham     1755 1822   Delaware   Ohio
ADAMS David         Harlem Delaware   Ohio
ADAMS Thomas           Greene   Ohio
ADAMS Elijah     1755 7/Dec/1843   Licking   Ohio
ADAMS Moses          Franklin Portage   Ohio
ADAMS Asahel     13/Sep/1754 25/May/1821 Miami  Trumbull   Ohio
ADGATE John     13/Sep/1759 23/Apr/1809   Trumbull   Ohio
AGARD John           Portage   Ohio
AKINS Josiah     1757 1828 Oakdale Ashtabula   Ohio
ALBAN George     1758 1840 Two Ridges Jefferson   Ohio
ALBAUGH Zachariah     1758 9/Nov/1859 Evans Licking   Ohio
ALBIN John     1740 1820 Ebenezer Clark   Ohio
ALDEN David     1759 8/Jan/1843 Middlefield Geauga   Ohio
ALDRED Henry       1835 McColm Adams   Ohio
ALEXANDER James     1733 9/May/1817 Scotch Ridge Belmont   Ohio
ALEXANDER Maragret Clarke   1743 1809   Belmont   Ohio
ALEXANDER Joseph     1752 1830 Cadiz Harrison   Ohio
ALEY Abraham         Aley Churchyard Greene   Ohio
ALFORD Benedict     13/Mar/1757 25/Feb/1838 N. of Pope Corners Geauga   Ohio
ALFORD Elijah           Portage   Ohio
ALLBERRY John         Universalist Licking   Ohio
ALLEN Elihu   Grave Form 1764 1836 Roberts Ashtabula Wayne   Ohio
ALLEN Silas     1754 1825   Fairfield   Ohio
ALLEN Adam     1754 27/Aug/1851 Coons Fayette   Ohio
ALLEN William     1750 1822   Greene   Ohio
ALLEN Jacob     1760 1840   Hamilton   Ohio
ALLEN Josiah     17/Jan/1761 28/Dec/1842 Dickerson Churchyard Harrison   Ohio
ALLEN Moses   Grave Form 14/May/1746 26/Sep/1826 Enfield Hartford Enfield CT
ALLEN John         Soaptown Trumbull   Ohio
ALLERTON John     1763   Mahoning Mahoning   Ohio
ALLIS Moses      1754 1842   Lorain   Ohio
ALLISON Richard     1744 22/Mar/1816   Clermont   Ohio
ALLISON Richard     1768 1816   Hamilton   Ohio
ALLISON William     1748 15/Aug/1823   Pickaway Deer Creek Ohio
ALLYN Nathan     1740 1814       Ohio
ALSPAUGH John         Betzor Churchyard Fairfield   Ohio
ALSPAUGH Michael         Betzor Churchyard Fairfield   Ohio
ALSTON Thomas     1753 1833   Hamilton   Ohio
ALTMAN William         Fairfield Columbiana   Ohio
AMES Mordecai           Harrison   Ohio
AMES Stephen     1749 2/Nov/1825 South Kirtland Lake Kirtland Ohio
AMSDEN Abraham       1833   Ashtabula   Ohio
ANDERSON William     1769 2/Feb/1847 Ashland Ashland   Ohio
ANDERSON Isaac     15/Sep/1757 18/Dec/1809   Butler   Ohio
ANDERSON Robert           Butler   Ohio
ANDERSON James     25/Mar/1763 6/Sep/1850 Belfast Highland   Ohio
ANDERSON Thomas         Oak Hill Mahoning   Ohio
ANDERSON Augustine     1750 1834   Morgan   Ohio
ANDERSON William     1743 18/Jan/1837   Trumbull   Ohio
ANDERSON Lewis     1757 Mar/1838   Warren   Ohio
ANDREW John     1744 1816   Hamilton   Ohio
ANDREW John         Annapolis Jefferson   Ohio
ANDREWS Hugh     31/Aug/1762 May/1811   Montgomery   Ohio
ANDRUS David     1756 1849 East Trumbull Ashtabula   Ohio
ANTHONY George       16/Aug/1833   Jackson   Ohio
ANTISEL Silas   Grave Form 1749 13/Sep/1817 South ridge Lake Madison Ohio
APPLEGATE Zebulon     Jan/1755 20/Oct/1840   Clermont   Ohio
APPLEGATE Benjamin         Mahoning Mahoning   Ohio
APPLEGATE Joseph     1753   Mahoning Mahoning   Ohio
APPLEGATE James       20/Mar/1820 Seceeders Crnr  Ch-yard Trumbull   Ohio
ARCHBOLD Thomas           Harrison   Ohio
ARMINE Abraham   Grave Form 1/June/1761 14/Nov/1849 Armine Union   Ohio
ARMINE Adrain         Armine Union   Ohio
ARMSTRONG Abel     1758 1837       Ohio
ARMSTRONG John           Butler   Ohio
ARMSTRONG William           Columbiana   Ohio
ARMSTRONG Daniel     1747     Mahoning   Ohio
ARMSTRONG George           Sandusky   Ohio
ARNER Henry       1828 Old Springfield Mahoning   Ohio
ARNOLD Thomas     1756     Athens   Ohio
ARNOLD Richard     1746 1843 Family plot Harrison Hamilton   Ohio
ARNOLD Norris           Ross   Ohio
ARTHUR James     1764     Clermont   Ohio
ARTHUR Joel       15/Sep/1837 Arthur Graveyard Jackson   Ohio
ASHLEY William           Drake   Ohio
ASHLEY William S   1758 1828 Bloomfield Morrow   Ohio
ATER George     25/Dec/1745 18/June/1820 Deerfield Ross   Ohio
ATHERTON James     1751 1828   Delaware   Ohio
ATKINSON Charles     1769 1841   Monroe   Ohio
ATWATER Kaleb         Mahoning Mahoning   Ohio
ATWATER ?         Coventry Summit   Ohio
ATWOOD Ichabob         Canfield Mahoning   Ohio
AUSTIN Eliphalet   Grave Form 1761 1828 Austinburg Ashtabula   Ohio
AUSTIN Nathaniel     1752 1844 Austinburg Ashtabula   Ohio
AUSTIN Andrew     11/Aug/1751 11/Dec/1838 Charlestown Portage   Ohio
AUTEN Thomas     1759 1847 Montgomery Hamilton   Ohio
AVERY George   Grave Form 24/Apr/1759 29/Sep/1806 Old Colony Burying Ground Licking Granville Ohio
AYERS ?           Clermont   Ohio